February 22, 2018

Social Media in Europe: Survey of 1000 Swedish Facebook Users Released

From the University of Gothenburg (via AlphaGalileo): Key Findings from the Survey: The average user spends 75 minutes per day on Facebook • The average user logs on to Facebook 6.1 times per day • 70 percent log in every time they start their computer or web reader • 26 percent feel ill at ease […]

New Article: "The Influence of Free Encyclopedias on Science"

Title The influence of free encyclopedias on science Author Sarah Huggett Source Research Trends* From the Article Since its launch in 2001 Wikipedia has seen incredible growth worldwide, counting more than 21 million articles published in around 280 languages (including nearly 4 million articles in English) in 2012 (1). Wikipedia has grown in size (number […]

Research and Info Literacy Skills: "Spike Lee Latest Celeb to Practice Reckless Tweeting"

From MSNBC: Spike Lee wasn’t the first to retweet the erroneous address on Twitter blindly accepted by many as that of George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month. But the filmmaker’s message — sent last week to his 240,000 Twitter followers — was the most viral. From The Orlando Sentinel: […]

New Article Looks at Social Media as a Promotion, Development, and Delivery Tool at the National Library of Australia

Title Trove: the Terrors and Triumphs of Service-Based Social Media Authors Alison Dellit, Business Architect National Library of Australia Sarah Schindeler, Reference Librarian National Library of Australia Source National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2012 Abstract The National Library of Australia has actively used a range of social media tools for the promotion, development and delivery […]

Pinterest is updating its terms of service and preparing its API

via The Next Web: Fast growing social sharing site Pinterest has introduced significant changes to its terms of service and began to develop APIs to open the service  up to third party developers and services. An email sent out to registered users explains that the company has updated the original terms that have governed the […]

Europeana Now "Experimenting" With Pintrest

Direct to Europeana on Pintrest See Also: Pinterest for GLAMs: Europeana’s Experiment (via Europeana Blog) At Euro­peana HQ we have already been test­ing the waters for a while now with a wide vari­ety of Pub­lic Domain con­tent from all over Europe. We have cho­sen to test ride a num­ber of themes to get the hang […]

Denver Public Library Launches New Site to Digitize Neighborhood Histories

From The Denver Post: The Denver Public Library is set to unveil a social networking website on March 20, which will allow users to upload their own photos and recollections of Colorado’s history. It lets residents mix their own materials with nearly 900,000 items in the library’s digital archives, establishing online communities around a wide […]

New Article: "What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership and Privacy of Twitter Data"

Title What Your Tweets Tell Us About You: Identity, Ownership and Privacy of Twitter Data Authors Heather Small Graduate School of Education and Information Studies University of California, Los Angeles Kristine Kasianovitz Government Information Librarian International, State and Local Documents Stanford University Ronald Blanford and Ina Celaya Graduate School of Education and Information Studies University […]

Roundup: Twitter Acquires Posterous, Yahoo Sues Facebook, UK Gov Appoints Jimmy Wales as Adviser

1. Welcoming the Posterous team to the flock (via Twitter Blog) and Posterous Acquisition FAQ Posterous will continue online at least for time being. 2. Yahoo Suing Facebook Over Patent Infringement (via AllThingsD) Yahoo says Facebook infringed on 10 patents. 3. “Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia chief to advise Whitehall on policy” (via The Telegraph) It’s an […]

U.S. Army Warns Soldiers, Families: "Geotagging Poses Security Risks"

Some of the info and examples in the article can also be of value to those of you who provide social media training and instruction. From USArmy.mil: “Is a badge on Foursquare worth your life?” The question was posed by Brittany Brown, social media manager of the Online and Social Media Division at the Office […]