April 22, 2021

Mobile User Stats: Mobile Apps Beat the Mobile Web Among US Android Smartphone Users

From a Nielsen Announcement: According to first-reported data from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics, a new effort that tracks and analyzes data from on-device meters installed on thousands of iOS and Android smartphones, the average Android consumer in the U.S. spends 56 minutes per day actively interacting with the web and apps on their phone. Of that […]

New Report From Pew Internet: Americans and Their Cell Phones (2011)

Direct to Full Report  ||| PDF Version is Also Available The report was written by Aaron Smith, a researcher at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. From the Overview: Cell phones are useful for quick information retrieval (so much so that their absence can cause problems) – Half of all adult cell owners (51%) […]

New Report from Pew Internet: Smartphone Adoption and Usage (U.S.)

From the Overview: In its first standalone measure of smartphone ownership, the Pew Internet Project finds that one third of American adults – 35% – own smartphones. The Project’s May survey found that 83% of US adults have a cell phone of some kind, and that 42% of them own a smartphone. That translates into […]

"In the U.S., Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows"; Tablets Popular in Bathroom

From a Nielsen Report: The Nielsen Company’s most recent research on mobile connected devices sheds new light on how consumers are using their tablets, eReaders and smartphones – and where they are using them, too. According to Nielsen’s recent survey of nearly 12,000 connected device owners: Seventy percent of tablet owners and 68 percent of […]