January 23, 2022

Reference Guide: New Science Tracer Bullet Looks at Science and Technology in South Korea

“Science and Technology in South Korea” is the latest Tracer Bullet (12-2) from Science Reference Services at The Library of Congress. From the Scope Note: This bibliographic guide provides English language sources available in the Library of Congress on scientific and technological developments in South Korea from antiquity to the present. Officially known as the […]

A New Science Tracer Bullet from Library of Congress: Economic Botany: Useful Plants and Products

New From the Science Reference Section at LC. This guide offers a systematic approach to the wide variety of published materials on the use of plants by people. Economic plants are defined as being useful either directly, as in food, or indirectly, as products we use or that enhance the environment. Plants are essential to […]

Reference: Nuclear Energy: A New Science Tracer Bullet from the Library of Congress

Science Tracer Bullet 11-1: Nuclear Energy is now available online. This guide to nuclear energy is not intended as a comprehensive bibliography, but highlights selected works about the production, distribution, and transmission of nuclear energy. A number of online resources are also included. Review the Entire Online Collection of LC Science Tracer Bullets Science Tracer […]

Reference: 2 New Science Tracer Bullets from Library of Congress: Petroleum Engineering & Plant Exploration and Introduction

1. Title: LC Science Tracer Bullet: Petroleum Engineering (11-3) Petroleum is a naturally occurring liquid mixture of complex hydrocarbons, usually found in deposits beneath the earth’s surface. After distillation petroleum yields combustible fuels, petrochemicals, and lubricants. These can be gaseous (natural gas), liquid (crude oil, crude petroleum), solid (asphalt, tar, bitumen), or a combination of […]