January 18, 2022

New: Public Access to Indiana's Historic Sanborn Maps Provides Treasure Trove of Information

From Indiana University News Room: Considered a treasure trove of American history sought after by genealogists, urban planners, sociologists and a gamut of other researchers, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, first created beginning in 1867 for assessing fire insurance liability for buildings in U.S. cities, are now available to the public for more than 300 locations […]

New Online: "Digitizing Kansas Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1883-1922"

The Spencer Library at the University of Kansas has digitized and made a collection Sandborn Maps for 241 Kansas towns and cities covering a period from 1883 through the 1930s available online (free). From a KU Libraries Announcement: The Sanborn Map Company, of Pelham, New York, began surveying the business districts of cities and towns […]