January 24, 2022

Russia’s Libraries Celebrate Biblionight

From UPI: The Russian State Library opened its archives to visitors as it stayed open for Biblionight. The library was one of about 700 that participated this year, The Voice of Russia reported. Galleries and bookstores also remained open Friday until sunrise Saturday. Web site Translated Version (via Google Translate) of Biblionight Web Site Here’s […]

Russia: National Electronic Information Consortium Now Providing National Access to "Science Classic" Digital Archive

From the AAAS: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) announces that the Russian Ministry of Education and Science has selected Science Classic, the digital archives of Science (1880–1996), as the first acquisition in a major project to provide national access to scientific archives. Russian students, scientists, and professors can now access 116 […]

Now Available Online From David Rumsey Map Collection: "First Atlas of Russia, Published in 1745"

From the David Rumsey Map Collection Blog: The first Atlas of Russia from 1745 has been added to the online collection. It was published by the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia, expanding on the cartographic work done previously by Russian cartographer Ivan K. Kirilov. Joseph Nicolas de L’Isle, the great French astronomer, was […]

"Fake CNN Site (With Obscenities) Puzzles CNN"

From a Moscow Times Article: U.S. broadcaster CNN expressed bewilderment Tuesday over the appearance of a web site bearing its iconic red logo and poorly translated articles in Russian. The web site, Cnnrussia.ru, is attracting thousands of visitors a day and sponsors Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal communities as well. CNN Moscow bureau chief Maxim Tkachenko said the broadcaster does not have a Russian-language web site. […]

Cinema: "Soviet Film Classics Find New Life on YouTube" (Free)

From AFP (via The Straits Times): The Moscow film company behind some of the greatest classics of Soviet cinema on Wednesday said it had agreed to make dozens of its best-known movies freely available on YouTube. The agreement between Mosfilm and YouTube means that an initial batch of 50 films that still have legendary status […]

"The Electronic Future of Russia’s Library Network"

From an Article in St. Petersburg Times: With the history of the Russian state comprising the core theme of its collection, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library in St. Petersburg may sound like a project meant for a very narrow audience. Yet this vast archive located in the majestic Synod building on Senatskaya Ploshchad has become […]