May 16, 2022

"U. of California Libraries Must Increase Sharing to Weather Cuts" & Full Text of Library Planning Task Force Interim Report

From a UC Newsroom Report: The University of California’s library system must expand its shared library services to ease the impact of an upcoming budget cut of as much as 21 percent in the next six years, a UC-created task force says. To deal with these cuts, the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee’s […]

Article: "Can Libraries Save by Sharing Services?"

From an Article in the Des Moines Register: Thousands of dollars in operating and administrative costs could be saved if more public library services in the Des Moines metro area were consolidated, backers of the idea say. Polk County has more than a dozen public library systems with annual budgets that total more than $17 […]

The March/April 2011 Issue of D-Lib is Now Online

D-Lib (Volume 17, Number 3/4) Direct to Table-of-Contents Articles Discovering the Information Needs of Humanists When Planning an Institutional Repository Article by David Seaman, Dartmouth College Library Abstract: Through in-person interviews with humanities faculty members, this study examines what information needs are expressed by humanities scholars that an institutional repository (IR) can address. It also asks […]