May 22, 2022

Phishing Attacks Force Oxford University To Temporarily Block Access to Google Docs and Shares Comments About Company’s Lack of Response

Over the years we’ve noticed that many times the only way to get action/reaction from Google on an issue is to take it public and in a big way. That’s what precisely what Oxford has done. Smart move. From the OxCERT (Oxford U. Computer Emergency Response Team) Blog: Why would we do such a thing, […]

Oxford University: A Look Inside the Bodleian Library’s Off-Site Storage Facility

From Completed in late 2010, the £26m computerised and climate-controlled building began receiving books, journals and maps almost immediately. There are 153.5 miles of shelves, each more than 30 feet tall and accessed by a total of 31 aisles. The 129,900 sqare feet of floor took eight days to lay with 280 truckloads of […]

Off-Site Storage: Bodleian Libraries Completes Swindon Move

From the BBC: The £26m warehouse in Swindon, which covers 13 acres and has 153 miles of shelving, is now home to many of the libraries’ lesser-used editions. [Clip] The project to relocate the books is now complete and has been hailed as “an extraordinary success”. Librarian Sarah Thomas said: “This has been an important […]

Hebrew Manuscript Published Online by Bodleian Library

From the BBC: An ancient Hebrew manuscript which has been stored in an Oxford library for more than 300 years has been made available online. Part of the first comprehensive code of Jewish law, Mishneh Torah, written in the 12th Century, has been digitised by Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. More than 350 pages of handwritten […]

"Stop Stripping in the Library! Oxford Students Threatened With Disciplinary Action Over 'Half-Naked Half-Hour"

From The Daily Mail: Undergraduates at Worcester College have been threatened with disciplinary action if they continue removing their tops in the library on Wednesday afternoons Up to 40 male and female students became involved in the group action for a 30-minute period between 3pm and 4pm every Wednesday They carry on their work partly-clothed […]

Just Announced: "University of Oxford, OCLC Research to Study Digital 'Residents' and 'Visitors' in the Transition Between High School and University"

From OCLC Abstracts: Titled “Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment?” the pilot phase of this JISC-funded, collaborative international project began in January and will continue through the middle of 2011. Project directors are Mr. David White, Co-Manager (Development), Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning (TALL), part of the University of Oxford, and Dr. […]