May 29, 2022

Oxford University: A Look Inside the Bodleian Library’s Off-Site Storage Facility

From Completed in late 2010, the £26m computerised and climate-controlled building began receiving books, journals and maps almost immediately. There are 153.5 miles of shelves, each more than 30 feet tall and accessed by a total of 31 aisles. The 129,900 sqare feet of floor took eight days to lay with 280 truckloads of […]

Off-Site Storage: Bodleian Libraries Completes Swindon Move

From the BBC: The £26m warehouse in Swindon, which covers 13 acres and has 153 miles of shelving, is now home to many of the libraries’ lesser-used editions. [Clip] The project to relocate the books is now complete and has been hailed as “an extraordinary success”. Librarian Sarah Thomas said: “This has been an important […]