May 23, 2022

Israel’s National Library Director Pledges to Place Disputed Kafka Manuscripts on Internet

via Haaretz: The National Library in Jerusalem has prepared a program for handling Franz Kafka’s manuscripts and promises to make them and other rare collections available on the Internet. However, the court has yet to rule on the fate of the Czech writer’s manuscripts. The manuscripts, part of the literary estate of Kafka’s close friend […]

National Library of Israel's Collection of the Newton Manuscripts Now Available Online in Digital Format

From the National Library of Israel Web Site The manuscripts found at the National Library are from the collection of Abraham Shalom Yehuda (1877-1951), an expert in Middle Eastern affairs. Professor Shalom Yehuda purchased the manuscripts at a public auction at London’s Sotheby’s in 1936. Other manuscripts in the collection, dealing mostly with the topic […]

Israel Broadcasting Authority Gives Public Access to Archival Treasures

From the The Jerusalem Post: If you’ve been in Israel long enough and you’re a radio junkie, there are bound to be songs and programs that you love that you would like to have rebroadcast more often. Now, you don’t have to sigh with nostalgia and live in hope – you can download many of […]

Israel's National Library Puts Collection Online

From Haaretz: The National Library of Israel has just launched a website giving the public access to a huge collection of materials, including books, periodicals, maps, photos and musical selections from the library collection. The website, which took two years to develop, is the most comprehensive content-based website in Israel. [Clip] Hundreds of thousands of […]

Israel's State Archives & National Library Will Participate in Initiative to Develop National Digital Heritage Plan

The news was mentioned in a Israeli cabinet communique dated November 20, 2011. Direct to Israel State Archives Direct to National Library of Israel Hat Tip: @CitizenWald

National Library of Israel: "In Jerusalem, an old-fashioned medium goes online"

From the AP: For ultra-Orthodox Jews who shun secular newspapers, radio and the Internet, the best way to hear the news has long been by literally reading the writing on the wall. The insular, strictly religious community still relies on black and white posters pasted up on walls in their neighborhoods to hear the latest […]

Oh No! & Oy Vey! "How Did Israel’s National Library Give Away [Literally] a First-Edition Darwin?"

From Haaretz: The board of directors of the National Library of Israel is appointing a committee to determine how books that were supposed to remain in the institution’s permanent collection were distributed to the general public in last month’s giveaway. Among the dozens of items that mistakenly made their way into private hands were a […]