January 23, 2022

Video Series: Sustaining Digital Resources With Nancy Maron from Ithaka S+R

From the Strategic Content Alliance Blog: Since 2007, Ithaka S+R and the Strategic Content Alliance have led the way in examining ways that the academic and cultural heritage sectors are defining sustainability and helping to make sure that the digital resources will endure and provide value well beyond the term of the grant. Designed to […]

Final Report: “Revenue, Recession, Reliance: Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability”

More news from Ithaka S+R. From a News Release and Summary: Ithaka S+R, with funding from the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, released today “Revenue, Recession, Reliance: Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies in Sustainability,” a report that reviews the impact of tumultuous times on the business models of 12 digital projects first profiled by S+R […]

Podcast: Nancy Maron From Ithaka S+R on Sustainable Funding For Online Resources

A New JISC Podcast: Sustainable funding for online resources From a JISC Summary: In recent months, numerous funders have produced a raft of ‘business know how’ reports with the aim of assisting their grant recipients adopt new business models for web-based resources. A new body of work highlights ‘real world’ case studies that show the […]