May 22, 2022

Google Scholar Launches Metrics for Publications

As we pointed out a few week’s ago we haven’t heard a lot from Google Scholar in the past year while Microsoft has been doing great work with the Microsoft Academic Search product. However, in the past couple of days Google has announced a useful enhancement by adding some metrics for publications in GS database. […]

Microsoft Academic Search Adds New Visualization Tools

It’s been a very impressive year for Microsoft Academic Search. Not only did the index experience major growth during the past 12 months but the Academic Research team launched a new interface and added several new tools including several that allow users to visualize data. Today, Microsoft Academic Search launched their December update and it includes […]

Google Scholar "Citations" Launches & A Look at What Microsoft Is Up To With Academic Search

It’s good to see Google Scholar introducing a new service. We’ve been wondering where they’ve been as Microsoft continues to develop the robust and very useful Microsoft Academic Search* that has now been around (and expanding) for more than 18 months. The most recent news–until now–out of the Google Scholar camp about a new feature […]

Microsoft Academic Search: A Major Update and Several New Features Now Available

We will have more about this release when the holiday weekend is over but until then we wanted to let you know that the Microsoft Academic Search database has just undergone a major update that’s now live. As we said in in March and we will say again today, look out Google Scholar. It will […]

Engineering Material Now Searchable Using Microsoft Academic Search

A busy week at Microsoft Academic Search comes to an end with Engineering material having been added to the database. Last week MS Academic only provided access to computer sc material. Less than a week later four domains/disciplines now provides access to scholarly content in: Engineering Mathematics Physics Computer Science All of the info and […]

New: Mathematics Material Now Avialable From Microsoft Academic Search

We’ve posted twice (see below) about Microsoft  beginning to expand the coverage of its impressive Academic Search and today will be number three. Mathematics material is now available from MS Academic Search. Direct to the main user interface (you can search here) or go direct to mathematics interface and limit your search to only math […]

Expansion Begins: Microsoft Academic Search Adds Physics Material to Database

Last week we posted news that Microsoft Academic Search was about to expand their database of academic material (often scholarly material) into new domains (disciplines) after providing access to only computer science material for about 18 months. Today, physics material became accessible to MS Academic Search users. So, users can search the entire database at […]