May 22, 2022

“Maryland State Archives Running Out of Space”

From the AP: The agency first filled its Annapolis headquarters to capacity in 2000, then leased and filled a warehouse. It leased a second warehouse and a third before brokering a deal to store some of its property at the Baltimore City Archives. All of the facilities are now full, and state archivists have been […]

Maryland's New Government Documents Digital Collection

From a Frostburg St. U. Ort Library Blog Post by Jeff Maehre: This week’s Featured Online Resource is the State Publications Depository and Distribution Program’s new digital collection. This is a collection of full-text documents, usually downloadable in PDF form, published by “Maryland State Agencies, Executive Commissions, Task Forces, and Interstate Agencies and covers subjects […]

New State Info Databases From Alaska, Maryland, and Nevada

1. Students at the University of Alaska Release University Employee Salary Database (via ZDNet) Direct to Database 2. Maryland Creates Online Database of Business Incentives (via Washington Post) Direct to Database 3. Brighter Light Focuses on Campaign Spending and Transparency in Nevada with Launch of Aurora Searchable Database Direct to Database

Maryland: "Timely Government Info Will Now Cost $190"

As publishing becomes easier and cheaper the State of Maryland begins charging for a publication that was free. What’s going on in Annapolis? From The Daily Record: Instead of a service that was once free, Maryland citizens and businesses will now have to pay a $190 annual subscription fee to the Secretary of State’s office […]

New Podcast in the "Conversations about Digital Preservation" Series from NDIIPP

New from the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program / Library of Congress Mike Ashenfelder and Bill Lefurgy, from the Library of Congress talk with Dr. Edward Papenfuse, State Archivist of Maryland. The podcast was recorded last month and runs 62 minutes. Summary: Dr. Papenfuse discusses his career, his early success with records databases, creating […]