March 23, 2018

OpenStreetMap: 'Wikipedia of Maps' Challenges Google

From MIT Technology Review: OpenStreetMap is exactly what its name implies—a wiki of maps and location data to which anyone can contribute, just like Wikipedia. With the help of some deep-pocketed boosters, including MapQuest and Microsoft, it’s suddenly a legitimate challenger to the hegemony of Maps.Google.Com. Google announced two months ago that it was going […]

New Online: Interactive Map Featuring Iowa Historical Sites

From the AP (via Chicago Tribune) A new map featuring information about Iowa’s historical sites, National Register areas and cemeteries is now available online. The Department of Cultural Affairs says it has uploaded information to its Iowa Site Inventory database on almost 114,000 historical and architectural properties, 280 National Register districts and 3,500 cemeteries. It […]

Wisconsin Historical Society Makes 300 Civil War Maps Available Online

From the WHS Web Site: The Society’s online collection about Wisconsin in the Civil War recently added more than 350 Civil War maps. They join 20,000 pages of letters, diaries, memoirs and photographs already available. [Clip] About 50 of the maps published while the fighting was underway informed citizens on the homefront about the war’s […]

Coming Soon for iPhone: No Download Required: TeleNav Launching Free HTML5-Based Turn-by-Turn GPS Service

HTML5 means no download required. Developers will able to embed code to provide navigation direct from any browser. From the iPhone Blog: TeleNav, one of the largest back-end providers of GPS navigation services for smartphones and other in-car turn-by-turn navigation systems, has announced the upcoming release of a free HTML5-based voice-guided GPS navigation service that […]

New Interactive Maps Reveal London’s History in Unprecedented Detail

From the JISC Web Site: Locating London’s Past is a new JISC-funded website that lets users delve deep into the capital’s past, revolutionising our understanding of London’s history. The website is the first to map information from a vast array of sources, covering: crime and punishment the distribution of wealth, poverty and occupations the ownership […]

A New Library Opens at the University of Michigan

From MLibrary: Construction on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library South is complete, and the new Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information, and Data Services is open for business.The celebratory ribbon cutting was held on December 2nd. Jennifer Green, Manager of the Clark Library, says the new library’s unique combination of […]

Reference: Guide to State and Local Census Geography

From the U.S. Census Bureau: The first Guide to State and Local Census Geography (1990 CPH-I-18) was issued in June 1993 as a joint venture between the US Census Bureau and the Association of Public Data Users (APDU). The book contained an overview of census geography and had information about key geographic concepts for each […]

New Resource: Legal: Where the Bribes Are (Interactive Map)

From The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: The investigative firm James Mintz Group has a new database of every FCPA [Foreign Corrupt Practices Act] case that it says allows users to access such information in short order by clicking on an interactive map. Law Blog’s favorite feature is the filtering by sector. Pick your sector on the […]

Resources: U.S. Government: USAID Launches New GeoCenter

From USAID: The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Science and Technology launched the new USAID GeoCenter, an Agency-wide resource to expand and institutionalize the use of geospatial tools and analysis in support of our development goals. The GeoCenter will enhance USAID’s capacity in strategic planning and programming, evaluation, and research with […]

New: Public Access to Indiana's Historic Sanborn Maps Provides Treasure Trove of Information

From Indiana University News Room: Considered a treasure trove of American history sought after by genealogists, urban planners, sociologists and a gamut of other researchers, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, first created beginning in 1867 for assessing fire insurance liability for buildings in U.S. cities, are now available to the public for more than 300 locations […]