May 21, 2018

Publisher's Weekly Releases "Best Books of 2011" Web App

Direct to PW Best Books of 2011 Top 10 Overall Plus, best titles in the following categories: Fictions Mystery/Thriller Poetry Romance Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror Non-Fiction Children’s Picture Children’s Fiction Children’s Non-Fiction Religion Lifestyle    

Reference: Lists & Rankings: Largest U.S. Bankruptcies

A list of the largest U.S. bankruptcies provided by Reuters has been updated to reflect today’s bankruptcy filing by MF Global Holdings Ltd. See Also: Business Insider has posted a list Of MF Global creditors. See Also: Complete bankruptcy filing (via

Lists and Rankings: The Rich 100 (Wealthiest Canadians)

Topping the list again this year is a name known to all in the information world, Thomson (as in Thomson Reuters). The Thomson Family tops the 2011 Rich 100 list with a net worth of $21.34B/CDN. Direct to Introduction and Links Direct to Complete List Direct to World’s Billionaire Map Direct to Wealthiest Canadian Celebrities […]

Fast Facts: List of the 15 Women Who Have Won the Nobel Peace Prize

43 women who have won Nobel Prizes (all categories). Here’s a list of the 15 of those women have won the Nobel Peace Prize since it was first awarded in 1901. Direct to the List Provided by Reuters (via Alertnet)

SAGE Recognizes Most Downloaded and Cited Articles 2009-2010 (Free Access to Articles on Lists)

Note: All of the articles on both lists are available for free. From SAGE: The list recognizes more than 100 articles that were the most downloaded and most cited [according to Journal Citation Report 2010] published from 2009-2010 and the most downloaded articles from SAGE ‘s deep backfile. The list covers articles across 39 disciplines, […]

"Top 20 Android Apps in the US: Women Like Facebook, Men Love Maps and Mail"

From Nielsen: According to the first mobile media rankings based on audience measurement data from metered Android smartphone usage, aside from the Android Market app itself, Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail were the most used among U.S. Android users 18 years and older. To determine each apps “active reach,” — the percentage of Android owners […]

Reference: Lists & Rankings: The Top Largest Employers in the World

Direct to Color Chart (via The Economist) Here are the First 5 Employers Listed (Chart Shows All 1o) 1. U.S. Dept. of Defense 3.2. Million Employees 2. Chines People’s Liberation Army 2.3 Million 3. Wal-Mart 2.1 Million 4. McDonalds 1.7 Million 5. China National Petroleum Corporation 1.7 Million

OverDrive Releases List of the Most Downloaded Library eBooks and Audiobooks for August 2011

Most Downloaded lists are available for the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. A global ranking is also available. Discussion About August 2011 Lists by Jason Sockel (via OverDrive Library Blog) Direct to Access All Lists (Top 10 For Each Category are Available) Worldwide #1s For August 2011 Download eBooks – Adult Fiction The Help, by […]

Economics Professors’ Favorite Economic Thinkers, Journals, and Blogs (along with Party and Policy Views)

Economics Professors’ Favorite Economic Thinkers, Journals, and Blogs (along with Party and Policy Views) (PDF) We sent a survey to economics professors through out the United States, and 299 returned a completed survey. The survey asked about favorites in the following areas: economic thinkers who wrote prior to the twentieth century of the twentieth century, […]

Lists & Rankings: The Inc. 500/5000 2011 Released and Online

The fastest growing private companies in America. Have generated revenue by March 31, 2007; Have generated at least $100,000 in revenue in 2007; Have generated at least $2 million in revenue in 2010; Be privately held, for profit, based in the U.S., and independent (not a subsidiary or division of another company). Direct to the […]