May 22, 2022

The Global Language Monitor Releases “Top Trending Words of 2012 Mid-Year Update”

From the Intro: Trending 2012 Update: Obesogenic, Derecho (and the gender neutral ‘hen’) are taking on the Mayan Apocalypse, Kate, and Debt as candidates for the Top Word of the Year according to a mid-year update by the Global Language Monitor. Each year, GLM produces the top trending words for the following year just before the new year […]

From Google Research: "Languages of the World (Wide Web)"

This new Google Research Blog post contains several charts that are worth a look. The web is vast and infinite. Its pages link together in a complex network, containing remarkable structures and patterns. Some of the clearest patterns relate to language. Most web pages link to other pages on the same web site, and the […]

New Resource From UC Berkeley: California Language Archive Offers Web Accessible Materials

From the UC Berkeley News Service: As of [yesterday], much of the University of California, Berkeley’s vast language resources is accessible, free of charge, to anyone with Internet access via the new California Language Archive (CLA) website and its catalog of UC Berkeley materials – the largest indigenous language archive at a U.S. university. The […]

Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Words, Intialisms and Revises 1900 Entries

First, three new intialisms have added to the OED: + OMG + LOL + FYI + WAG (an acronym) Wag [WAG n./4] is notable for the extremely fast journey from its introduction to the language to its use as usual English vocabulary. In 2002, the Sunday Telegraph reported that the staff at the England footballers’ […]