May 22, 2022

Roundup: Twitter Acquires Posterous, Yahoo Sues Facebook, UK Gov Appoints Jimmy Wales as Adviser

1. Welcoming the Posterous team to the flock (via Twitter Blog) and Posterous Acquisition FAQ Posterous will continue online at least for time being. 2. Yahoo Suing Facebook Over Patent Infringement (via AllThingsD) Yahoo says Facebook infringed on 10 patents. 3. “Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia chief to advise Whitehall on policy” (via The Telegraph) It’s an […]

Roundup: Jimmy Wales Speaks at Wikipedia Conference in India & Other Wikipedia Items

Reports from Wiki Conference India. Wikipedia rivals traditional encyclopedias in accuracy (Q & A Interview with Jimmy Wales, via Livemint) Wikipedia hosts India conference amid expansion push (via BBC News) Outside the campus a small group of protesters demonstrated against the depiction of the map of India on Wikipedia, which they say is an inaccurate […]

Interview: "Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales takes wiki work seriously"

From a USA Today Interview by Jefferson Graham: Wikipedia, which turned 10 this year, is almost a household name. Now Wales is trumpeting sister site Wikia, which he set up for fans of TV shows, movies and video games to wax poetically about their favorites, without the restrictions of the by-the-facts neutral encyclopedia. “It’s where […]