May 29, 2022

New Article: "The Orphan Wars"

“The Orphan Wars” appears in the new issue of EDUCAUSE Review. It was written by Professor James Grimmelmann, New York Law School. “Orphan books”—books that are in copyright but whose copyright owners can’t be found—have been in the news lately, thanks to lawsuits over Google’s plan to scan a copy of every book ever published. […]

Article: "One Google Books To Rule Them All?"

A review of the entire Google Books story by Maria Bustillos at The Awl. Two people who we mention often on INFOdocket, Professor James Grimmelmann and Peter Brantley are mentioned and/or quoted in the piece. Direct to “One Google Books To Rule Them All?” See Also: Two More Recently Posted GBS Articles: “Copyright and Research […]

"Google Books Settlement, 2008-201" by James Grimmelmann

A new post by the leading Google Books legal scholar, James Grimmelmann, a professor at the New York Law School.  A must read for anyone interested in the many legal issues surrounding the Google Books case and settlement. Direct to Grimmelmann’s Post on His Laboritorium Blog. See Also: More Google Books Legal Material (Documents, Commentary, […]

Law Professor James Grimmelmann Discusses Google Book Search Settlement Decision on Bloomberg TV

Professor James Grimmelmann from the New York Law School has been one of the legal experts the media has been turning to for comments about the Google Book Settlement since it was announced about 10 days ago. A smart move by the media. Grimmelmann and his students have done an outstanding job providing analysis and […]