January 22, 2022

Iraq: Two Reports About Plans to Build New Baghdad Public Library

2 reports. 1) From The Art Newspaper: A vast public library planned for Baghdad will be the centerpiece of a new culture hub under an ambitious new masterplan driven by the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sport. The drop-shaped building, designed by AMBS architects in London, will house up to three million books, including rare […]

AP: "Trove of Jewish books and valuables strokes suspicions and tug-of-war between US and Iraq"

From an AP Report: A trove of Jewish books and other materials, rescued from a sewage-filled Baghdad basement during the 2003 invasion, is now caught up in a tug-of-war between the U.S. and Iraq. Ranging from a medieval religious book to children’s Hebrew primers, from photos to Torah cases, the collection is testimony to a […]