May 16, 2022

Library of Congress Acquires Large Collection of Recorded Interviews With Music Superstars

From Today’s Announcement: More than 25 years ago, retired music executive Joe Smith accomplished a Herculean feat—he got more than 200 celebrated singers, musicians and industry icons to talk about their lives, music, experiences and contemporaries. The Library of Congress announced today that Smith has donated this treasure trove of unedited sound recordings to the […]

National Library of Ireland Launches Video Archive of Library Events

From Eimear Ryan’s Blog: The National Library has just created a video archive of library events. You can delve into debates and interviews with actors, historians, journalists and of course, writers. Direct to Video Archive (via Vimeo)

Google's Peter Norvig Talks Search Algorithms and AI in a New Interview

Peter Norvig, Google’s Director of Research, talks with Eric Enge from Stone Temple. Excellent read. Here’s a bit from the intro of the interview. Enge Writes: As you will see in the transcript below, this discussion focused on the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in search. Peter outlines for us the approach used by Google […]

Audio: Interview: Sue Polanka Talks with ebrary's Director of Marketing, Matt Barnes

From Sue Polanka’s No Shelf Required On Sunday I met with Matt Barnes, Vice President of Marketing, for ebrary. Matt and I discussed ebrary’s new patron driven acquisition model, searching ebrary content through the ProQuest interface, and the results of an ebrary mobility study on the need for downloadable ebooks.  Matt shares a few of […]

New Video from OCLC Research: "A Conversation with SAA VP/President-elect Jackie Dooley"

In this ten-minute video, OCLC Research program officer Jackie Dooley discusses her plans and aspirations as the upcoming Vice President/President-elect of the Society of American Archivists. OCLC Research staff Merrilee Proffitt, Jen Schaffner and Ricky Erway also participated in the discussion. The video was directed by Dennis Massie. Direct to Video (via YouTube) See Also: […]

A Conversation With Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Automattic/WordPress (Web Publishing: Video Interview)

The interview with Mullenweg was recorded at SXSW in March for the Bloomberg “Venture” program hosted by Chris Valerio. The complete program (about 22 minutes) is found in four segments. Part 1 (6:41) Part 2 (5:50) Part 3 (4:50) Part 4: (4:00) Launches New Author Interview Series

From an Announcement: [has] introduced “Author Interviews@Amazon,” the new author interview series that will be available in a new content destination called The Backstory ( Author Interviews@Amazon launches with five video interviews, including celebrity chef and James Beard Award-winning Tom Douglas, New York Times bestselling debut author Joshua Foer, young adult authors Holly […]