May 25, 2018

Librarian of Congress Names New Chief Copyright Royalty Judge

From a LC News Release: Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today [recently] announced his selection of Suzanne M. Barnett as the new chief copyright royalty judge and head of the Copyright Royalty Board. Barnett is a superior court judge of King County in Seattle, Washington. She was first elected to the court in 1996. […]

Judge Denny Chin on Google Books: “It Does Not Seem Those Negotiations Have Gone Anywhere”

From Managing Intellectual Property: The Second Circuit Court of Appeals judge said he was told by conference organisers [Fordham IP China Conference] to talk about three things: the languishing Google Books litigation he has presided over since 2005, cloud computing and his recent trip to China. Of the Google Books case, Chin said simply: “It […]

James Joyce Collection Published Free on Web

National Library of Ireleand_logo

From the The Irish Times: The National Library of Ireland has brought forward plans to publish a major collection of James Joyce manuscripts free on the web after a Joycean scholar published the material in editions priced at up to €250. It is the first such Joyce collection to be opened to the public in […]

PowerPoint Presentations from Last Week’s Orphan Works and Mass Digitization Symposium Now Available

The symposium took place in Berkeley, CA and was sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (BCLT) Links to PPT slides for many presenters are now available and have been added to the agenda. Links to three white papers that were released by BCLT prior to the event are linked here. Speakers […]

Library Advocate Opposes ACTA Before European Parliament

From a Library Journal Article by Meredith Schwartz: Stuart Hamilton, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)’s Director of Policy & Advocacy raised concerns about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) at a stakeholder hearing in the European Parliament on April 11. [Clip] “IFLA is gravely concerned by …the potentially chilling effects of targeting […]

New from Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project: Third White Paper on Causes of the Orphan Works Problem

Released today by the  The Orphan Works and Mass Digitization Symposium: Obstacles and Opportunities begins tomorrow at Claremont Hotel, Berkeley CA. Here’s the agenda. White Paper #3 was released today by the Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project. Title Orphan Works: Causes of the Problem Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project White Paper No. 3 Author David […]

New Online Copyright Violation Alert System Starts Taking Shape With Citizen Advocates On Board

From a TechPresident Article: Americans accessing the Internet through five of the top service providers may start receiving “copyright alerts” in the near future, as a new organization called the Center for Copyright Information develops a new operational framework designed to make individuals aware that their potentially illegal activities online are being monitored. The center […]

U.S. Copyright Office: "A Virtual Copyright Card Catalog? Tell Us What You Think"

From the Copyright Matters Blog: Of the 25,723 drawers in the Copyright Card Catalog, more than 12,000 have already been scanned resulting in more than 17 million card images safely tucked away in Library storage.  The long term plan is to capture index terms from the card images using OCR and keyboarding and to build […]

U.S. Copyright Office Announces DMCA Exemption Hearings

From Joe Hodnicki at the Law Librarian Blog: The Copyright Office is holding hearings on exemptions to prohibitions on circumvention of copyright protection systems for access control technologies, or the stuff that companies use to prevent consumers from mucking about with the electronics and content that they buy.  Some of the information about this process, […]

Content: Project Barcelona to See BBC Open Archive for Downloads

From the BBC: BBC director general Mark Thompson has announced proposals allowing viewers to permanently download copies of their favourite shows from the archives. Mr Thompson said the plan – named Project Barcelona – would enable the purchase of programmes to own for a “relatively modest” fee. He added that the digital archive would stay […]