May 18, 2022

Indiana University Selected as Partner in New Data Curation Fellowship Program

From Indiana University News Room: Researchers are currently creating and using scientific data at unprecedented levels, underscoring the need for curators, or caretakers, to ensure that this massive amount of vital information is being maintained for important research today—and tomorrow. To help meet this need, Indiana University (IU), through a joint effort between its Data […]

Kinsey Institute Gets Archives

From the South Bend Tribune: The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University says its library has been given the archives of pioneering sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. The collection includes letters, records, correspondence, research papers, media coverage and other materials chronicling Masters and Johnson’s groundbreaking work beginning in 1957 at Washington University in St. […]

New: Public Access to Indiana's Historic Sanborn Maps Provides Treasure Trove of Information

From Indiana University News Room: Considered a treasure trove of American history sought after by genealogists, urban planners, sociologists and a gamut of other researchers, Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, first created beginning in 1867 for assessing fire insurance liability for buildings in U.S. cities, are now available to the public for more than 300 locations […]

Online Database: IUPUI Library, Indianapolis Recorder Partnership Puts 106 Years of Black History Online

From Indiana University: A digitization project of the University Library at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, done in collaboration with the nationally recognized Indianapolis Recordernewspaper, makes available online 106 years of black history. Indianapolis Recorder Publisher Emeritus Carolene Mays granted IUPUI University Library copyright permission to create a comprehensive online archive of the Recorder. The full-text […]