May 28, 2022

Audiobooks: Two Reasons to Congratulate Hugh McGuire and the LibriVox Team

What are those two reasons? Direct to LibriVox web site. 1. LibriVox reports that over 100,000,000 public domain audiobooks have been downloaded (free) from their digital collection on the Internet Archive site. “The LibriVox collection is one of the most popular on the Internet Archive,” said Brewster Kahle, Founder and Director of the Internet Archive. […]

Important Read: LibriVox Founder Hugh McGuire on "What are Libraries For?"

It’s very likely that you’re either a user or are aware of LibriVox, If you’re not aware of the service it’s a volunteer organization where public domain books are being recorded and made available for free as audiobooks. If you’re interested in volunteering check this page. The founder of LibriVox is Hugh McGuire. He’s also […]