May 28, 2022

First Sony PlayStation Wonderbook Released: An Augmented Reality Harry Potter Story

From the BBC: Sony has unveiled Wonderbook – an augmented reality product for its Playstation 3 games console. When users hold up specially created books to a connected camera they appear on screen with added interactive graphics, which can in turn trigger mini-games. [Clip] Sony said it would also work with publishers to bring educational […]

Let’s Hear it For Harry! Pottermore Now Opening Up to Everyone

O.K. Harry Potter fans, Pottermore is opening to everyone. You’ll need to register and then confirm you’re email address. After that plan to wait (what we’re doing at them moment) to be given full access to the site. From the Pottermore Insider: Over the coming days, we’ll be inviting new users onto We’re expecting […]

New: The Harry Potter eBook Library Spreadsheet: Availability and Wait Lists

For those with an interest in library e-books, especially the Harry Potter titles, we’ve started compiling a simple spreadsheet with: The number of copies of each edition the library has acquired The number of copies available for the public to borrow at a selected moment in time The number of cardholders (if any) on the […]