October 28, 2021

Infographic: "Social Network Wars: How The Five Major Platforms Stack Up"

Sarah Kessler and Emily Caufield at Mashable have done an impressive job putting together a helpful infographic that allows you to quickly determine and compare key features on five social networking platforms. The infographic might make a useful training handout and/or link to share. Direct to Infographic The Platforms Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Tumblr The […]

Now Available: Google+ (Google Plus) iPhone App

If you don’t see the download page immediately when visiting the App Store, try again. The rollout is just underway. Google+ For iPhone is a Free App Compatibility: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. Requires iOS 3.1 or later Screenshots and Download (via Vic Gundotra)

Roundup: A Week's Worth of News About Google and Google+ (16 Items)

Google makes a lot of news . Whatever they’re doing, plan to do, about to do, might do, people want them to do, etc. gets coverage. The last time we did a roundup several of you let us know that it was useful so we’re going to do it again. If fact, we will try […]

"Follow Any Google+ Account Using RSS"

From The Next Web: While Google is yet to provide an official API for Google+, enterprising developers have taken matters into their own hands with everything from a statistics service to a media player plugin already available for the nascent social project. Now comes an unofficial solution for something a lot of users have been hoping would […]

"Google: Changes Coming to Google+ This Week"

What’s specifically coming this week? Sorry, it’s not mentioned in the Computerworld story linked below. We will be on the lookout. Nevertheless, with so much interest in Google+ we thought we would pass it along. It does discuss some of the most common complaints that Google has received about Plus. From the Story: It looks […]

Tools For the Google+ User: Add Twitter/Facebook Button(s) to Goog+ Page; Grab a Vanity + URL; Monitor + User Stats

All of the following items are free and it’s likely many similar tools exist right now or will exist in the near future. From CrossRider Google+Tweet (For Firefox, Chrome, IE) Add a button that lets yo click on/off a fairly robust Twitter client directly from Google+ Google+Facebook Same idea but for Facebook From gPlus.to Since […]

Do You Love Google+ But Find the Notifications Distracting? A New Chrome Extension Could Be Helpul

We’ve seen some Google+ users saying that the notifications (in the black global navigation bar at the top of all Google pages) can be distracting. So, developer, entrepreneur, and writer, Nik Cubrilovic, developed a Chrome plug named Block+. Hopefully plug-ins for other browsers are in the works. Cubrilovic writes on his blog: Block+ will remove […]

Google Update: Google+ Profiles Will Be Publicly Accessible & Plans to Rebrand Picasa and Blogger

Two Google news items from Search Engine Land to share: 1. Google Profiles From the Google+ Web Site: The purpose of Google Profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity. Today, nearly all Google Profiles are public. We believe that using Google Profiles to help people find and connect with you online is […]

Google+ News/Social Media Roundup (Google+ Invite Scams; A Facebook Friend Exporter; Most Plus Followers; Your Mom and +; More)

1. “Google+ email scam widening” (via The Telegraph) 2. “Google+ Invite Scams Appear on Facebook” (via PCMag.com) 3. “Facebook Unfriends Third-Party Friend Exporter” (via All Facebook) 4. “There Is No ‘Divorce’ In The Google Plus World” (via Forbes) Comparing the relationship options between Google+ and Facebook 5. “Will Facebook Hit Google With A Cease And […]

Security Patrol: Fake Google+ Invites Hit Web & Fox News Twitter Account Hacked

“Google+ Encounters Its First Spam” (via The Inquirer) See Also: You can take a look at what the invite looks like here. “Fox News Twitter Account Announces Barack Obama Dead After Hack” (via Sophos Naked Security)