January 27, 2022

Phishing Attacks Force Oxford University To Temporarily Block Access to Google Docs and Shares Comments About Company’s Lack of Response

Over the years we’ve noticed that many times the only way to get action/reaction from Google on an issue is to take it public and in a big way. That’s what precisely what Oxford has done. Smart move. From the OxCERT (Oxford U. Computer Emergency Response Team) Blog: Why would we do such a thing, […]

"Google Releases 50 New Features for Presentations in Google Docs"

From VentureBeat: …Google has turned its focus toward making Presentations more than a lackluster alternative to PowerPoint. The company tackled the aesthetic usability of Presentations with this latest slew of 50 updates… [Clip] In order to try out the [new] features Google is unveiling, go to your documents, select settings, click the Editing tab and […]

"Bug: New Google Docs Hidden" Plus Look Back At a Month of Concerns About "Hidden Docs" Issue

Technology working properly all of the time is one thing but communicating with users and fixing  tech problems is another. Here’s the story. Barry Schwartz thanks us (you’re welcome) for alerting him to a problem with Google Docs Lists (that we think is now solved). You can read about it on Barry’s Search Engine Roundtable […]