May 21, 2022

Roundup: GBS: Google And Authors Guild Face Off in Court

UPDATE (May 4, 2011): New York Law School professor and noted GBS expert, James Grimmelmann has posted an in-depth summary along with some commentary about Thursday’s GBS hearing on The Laboratorium (his blog). 1. Google Says Individuals, Not Authors Guild Has Standing In Books Case (via WSJ) Google Inc. presented Judge Denny Chin with an interesting […]

Google Book Settlement: "NY Judge Gives Google, Lawyers More Time to Talk" and Other Notes

From the AP: Lawyers for authors, publishers and Google have bought themselves more time in their New York copyright case as they try to reach a new deal that could create the world’s largest digital library. The lawyers told federal Judge Denny Chin in Manhattan on Thursday that they are still negotiating. Full Text AP […]

Coming Soon: Bookish: A New Book Recommendation Service Backed by Hachette, Penguin (USA), and Simon & Schuster

From an Announcement: Bookish (, a new digital platform for readers, is set to launch this summer it was announced today. Backed by Hachette Book Group, Penguin Group (USA), and Simon & Schuster, Bookish has been designed to provide readers — from the most casual to the most dedicated — with a personalized experience connecting […]

GBS: "Google Status Conference is Delayed"

The status conference was scheduled to take place today in New York City. It has been postponed until June 1, 2011. (via Publisher’s Weekly) Hat Tip and Thanks: @Naypinya

"Google Book Privacy Still A Concern Post GBS"

From an Open Book Alliance Blog Post: The Center for Democracy and Technology recently noted (and quite rightly, we might add), that although that Judge Chin rejected the flawed Google Books Settlement, there are still many outstanding concerns – reader privacy being an important one. As CDT writes, Google “is moving right along with its […]

A New York Times Editorial: "Google's Book Deal"

From the Editorial: Altogether, Judge Chin argued that the agreement would grant Google a virtual legal monopoly over the online book search. That is too high a price to pay. Google’s loss means that, for now, its search results will show only snippets of text from books that are under copyright but out of print. […]