February 24, 2021

New Blog Post: Europeana and Linked Open Data

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: Europeana has recently released a new version of its Linked Data Pilot, data.europeana.eu. We now publish data for 2.4 million objects under an open metadata licence: CC0, the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication.[Clip] After several months we have thus released a second version of data.europeana.eu. Though still a pilot, […]

Europeana Now "Experimenting" With Pintrest

Direct to Europeana on Pintrest See Also: Pinterest for GLAMs: Europeana’s Experiment (via Europeana Blog) At Euro­peana HQ we have already been test­ing the waters for a while now with a wide vari­ety of Pub­lic Domain con­tent from all over Europe. We have cho­sen to test ride a num­ber of themes to get the hang […]

Announcing DM2E (Digitised Manuscripts to Europena): Exploring the Possibilities of Linked Open Data in Cultural heritage

From the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog: The Open Knowledge Foundation is delighted to announce that it will be leading the community work for a three-year EU funded project entitled Digitised Manuscripts to Europena (DM2E). The project consortium, which includes academic institutions, NGOs and commercial partners, will be led by Professor Stefan Gradmann at the Humboldt […]

Europeana Formally Announces Option to Preview Search Results on a Map

From the Europeana Blog: The devel­op­ment depart­ment at Euro­peana have been work­ing hard on a new inter­ac­tive search and dis­play fea­ture that enables you to locate and pre­view search results on a map. The map is auto­mat­i­cally pop­u­lated with the first 1,000 results from a search query and dis­trib­utes them on a multi-layered map (Open­StreetMap, […]

Europe: More Than 10 Million Digitized Newspaper Pages Coming to Europeana

From LIBER: A group of 17 European partner institutions have joined forces in the “European Newspapers” project and will, over the next 3 years, provide more than 10 million newspaper pages to the EUROPEANA service. The European Newspapers project (funded under EC’s CIP 2007 – 2013) aims at the aggregation and refinement of newspapers for The […]

New Video: European Library Handbook (Workflow Between European Library and Europeana)

Direct to Video Slideshow (via YouTube) The European Library is the library domain aggregator for Europeana and, in this role, supports data providers from the library domain across Europe. The Europeana Library gathers bibliographic records and metadata to digital objects: this video features the workflow between libraries, The European Library and Europeana. The video runs […]

Just Released: "Culture on the Go: CIBER Report Says Mobile Browsing Will Transform the Web"

Via Europeana: A new report, Culture on the Go, from UK web-watchers CIBER Research, shows how access to information is changing as people search for, read and use information on the move. A growing proportion of web browsing happens on smartphones like the new Mac iPhone 4S and tablets like the iPad, and no longer […]

Europeana Launches Its First Virtual Exhibit Based on User Generated Content

From the Europeana Web Site: We are excited to announce the launch of our first ever vir­tual exhi­bi­tion based on user-generated content. “Wiki Loves Art Nou­veau” is an online exhi­bi­tion made up of 50 images taken by Wiki­Com­mons mem­bers, rep­re­sent­ing some of Europe’s best exam­ples of Art Nou­veau archi­tec­ture. With over 165,000 entries in the Wiki […]

Milestones: Europeana Adds 20 Millionth Item & Collection of 7000 Photographs From Belgium Added to Database

Congrats and kudos to the Europeana team! From the Europeana eNewsletter: This October, Europeana’s content reached 20 million items, increasing the content ten-fold since its initial launch in 2008. The 20 millionth item is a painting of the Biblical story of David and Goliath painted by the celebrated Caravaggio in 1600-1601. Caravaggio worked predominantly on […]