May 28, 2022

Research Article: “The Human Right to a Public Library” (Preprint)

Title The Human Right to a Public Library Author Kay Mathiesen, Assistant Professor School of Information Resources and Library Science University of Arizona Source SSRN Forthcoming in: Journal of Information Ethics Abstract As a result of the global economic turndown, many local and national governments are disinvesting in public libraries. This paper proposes that governments […]

New Collection of Guidelines from IFLA: Professional Codes of Ethics for Librarians (From About 40 Organizations)

IFLA’s Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) developed the collection of links. What you’ll find is “collection of professional guidelines for librarians and other library employees adopted by national library or librarians associations or implemented by government agencies.” Links to about 40 guidelines are available. Direct to the Code […]