May 22, 2022

Paper or Electronic Textbooks? Students at Texas A&M University Discuss Their Preferences

From an article titled, “Students differ in preference of textual aids,” appearing in the Texas A&M student newspaper, The Battalion. “It’s easier to carry around a device that has electronic books on it than to carry around textbooks,” Kelli McCosham, sophomore animal science major said. “It’s also more ‘green’ and is probably cheaper overall than […]

eTextbooks: California State University to Offer Systemwide Digital Textbook Rental Program

From the California State University System News Release: The California State University [has] announced partnerships with Cengage Learning, CourseSmart® and Follett that will provide more than 5,000 of the most popular eTextbooks at discounted prices as part of a systemwide digital textbook rental program. [Clip] Beginning in the fall, students will be have the choice […]

New Podcast/Report from JISC: How Important Are Open eBook Standards to Universities?

New from UK’s JISC. For universities and colleges looking to bring their teaching resources online, many are using the new ePub3 standard, which is what underpins Apple’s new iBooks and is become the defacto standard for ebooks. Linking to a JISC report to help universities understand the benefits of ePub3, JISC programme manager Ben Showers […]

Roundup: More College Press Coverage About eBooks and eTextbooks

Two more articles discussing student use of ebooks and etextbooks. 1. University of Kansas: The Rise of the E-book (via University Daily Kansan) Many students can’t give up loyalty to the printed book. Lottie Likens, the manager of University Book Shop, says customers have told her that buying e-books makes them feel like they are […]

New York University's Student Newspaper Publishes Editorial About e-Textbooks

The editorial is titled, “College students will stick to paper books” and was published by Washington Square News today. From the Editorial: The benefits of these e-Textbooks include the ability to quickly search through large amounts of text, insert marginalia in electronic comment boxes and access hyperlinks. Yet the tactile quality of textbooks, something e-Books […]

University of Michigan Eyes e-Books as a Way to Lower Soaring Textbook Costs

From The University of Michigan is considering widely embracing electronic textbooks in the coming years. But how cost effective will a move toward the 21st century version of the classic textbook be? U-M librarian Paul Courant estimates that a typical e-book costs between 20 and 30 percent less than its printed counterparts. But he […]