May 22, 2022

Newspaper Editorial: Albany, GA: “Libraries Still Have Relevancy”

From an Editorial in The Albany Herald: Citing cuts to the Dougherty library system’s budget for the Fiscal year 2013, which starts July 1, the trustees have decided to close the Southside branch on Habersham Road off Oakridge Drive and the Westtown branch on Waddell Avenue. The two branches will be shuttered on June 30 […]

Houston: "Elegy for Librarians: After All the Budget Cutting's Done, Who'll Be Around to Help Us Ask the Sharper Questions?"

The Houston Chronicle’s Editorial Board deserves recognition for this editorial from just about every info pro organization. Read it and make sure to save or bookmark to reread on “rainy days.” From an Editorial in the Houston Chronicle: If librarians seem distracted these days, you can’t blame them. They’re worried that they’ll lose jobs. As […]