May 23, 2022

New Research Paper: The Economics of Personal Information Online

via arXiv. Title “Your browsing behavior for a Big Mac: Economics of Personal Information Online” (11 pages; PDF) Authors Juan Pablo Carrascal, UPF and Telefonica Research Christopher Riederer, Columbia University Vijay Erramilli, Telefonica Research Mauro Cherubini, Telefonica Research Rodrigo de Oliveira, Telefonica Research Abstract “Most online services (Google, Facebook etc.) operate by providing a service […]

Reference Resource: "New Economic Indicator Database Search Available from Census Bureau"

From the U.S. Census: Statistics from 12 economic indicators are now easy to access and easier to use with the new economic indicator database search. With the release of the Quarterly Financial Report for retail trade, all 12 of the Census Bureau’s economic indicators are accessible in this user-friendly Internet tool. It provides an easy way to […]

Reference: Interactive Charts/Maps: "Markets and Economy: U.S. Downgrade Spurs Turmoil"

Direct to Complete Package From the Associated Press. A set of interactive charts/maps re: U.S. economy. World S&P Ratings Map Monthly Year-Over-Year Changes in the Major Stock Market Indexes of 3o Countries S&P Weekly Closes Since 1970 A Look at U.S. Gross Domestic Product and Economic Recessions in the Past Three Decades GDP Explained First […]