March 22, 2018

Now Available: Presentations From the Recent Digital Preservation Summit 2011 in Hamburg (All Presentations in English)

The Digital Preservation Summit 20011 took place on October 19-20 in Hamburg, Germany. The event was titled, “Getting Ready for Digital Preservation.” 22 presentations (all of them are available in English) and you can access all of them using this page. Here are direct links to a few of the presentations. Inge Angevaare (Dutch Digital […]

A New SPEC Kit from ARL: "Digital Preservation"

The complete kit is fee-based (ordering info). An executive summary and the table of contents are available online for free. From a SPEC Kit #325  Summary: The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published Digital Preservation, SPEC Kit 325, which explores the strategies that ARL member institutions use to protect evolving research collections and the […]

New Preprint: "Practical Limits to the Scope of Digital Preservation" by Mike Kastellec

A new preprint from Information Technology and Libraries. Title: “Practical Limits to the Scope of Digital Preservation” (16 pages; PDF) Author: Mike Kastellec Libraries Fellow, North Carolina State University Libraries From the Abstract: This paper examines factors that limit the ability of institutions to digitally preserve the cultural heritage of the modern era. The author […]

U.S. History: Virginia: Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority Launches Photo Archive of 14,000+ Images

NRHA: Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority From the News Release: For years dusty boxes of photo negatives, slides and prints dating from 1868 to present have resided in storage vaults at Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA). In 2009, it was decided to bring these treasures back to life in an accessible and searchable online […]

A Redesigned Europeana Portal Is Now Online

From a Europeana Announcement: See what Europeana items your friends like or share on Facebook, check out our latest blog posts, and discover some of the most interesting content on the new Europeana portal. Based on users’ feedback we’ve been receiving since our launch in November 2008, Europeana underwent a significant makeover. The redesigned Europeana […]

"LifeTime Library Thought to be the First Nationwide" (UNC Chapel Hill)

From the University of North Carolina News: How often have you wondered, “What did I do with that report I presented when I was in college? Did I save it on my laptop, on a CD, to my cell phone, or is it on a computer I no longer have?” Or, after graduating, have you […]

New York Times Op/Ed: "When Data Disappears"

The column was written by Kari Kraus, an assistant professor in the College of Information Studies and the English department at the University of Maryland. From the Column: Perhaps the most impressive effort to curate digital information is taking place in the realm of video games. In the face of negligence from the game industry, […]

Web Preservation, URLs: "Analyzing the Persistence of Referenced Web Resources with Memento"

Authors: Robert Sanderson; Mark Edward Phillips;  and Herbert Van de Sompel From an Abstract: In this paper, the authors present the results of a study into the persistence and availability of web resources referenced from papers in scholarly repositories. Two repositories with different characteristics, arXiv and the UNT digital library, are studied to determine if […]

The August Issue of the NDIIPP Digital Preservation Newsletter is Now Online

Direct to Newsletter (2 pages; PDF) Articles in this Issue Include: Making It Work: A recap of the July 2011 NDSA/NDIIPP Partners Meeting A compilation of blog posts on “The Signal” about Library of Congress web archiving projects, processes and data management A summary of the Uniform Law Commission’s approval of the Uniform Electronic Legal […]

Archives/Digital Preservation: "Kate Wittenberg Appointed Portico Managing Director"

From an ITHAKA Announcement: ITHAKA is pleased to announce that Kate Wittenberg has been appointed the new Managing Director of Portico, effective September 1. Eileen Fenton, who successfully led Portico since its founding in 2002, will work closely with Kate over the coming weeks as Kate transitions fully into her new role and concludes projects […]