May 18, 2022

Three Recent Recorded Webinars (Free) From ASERL: Introduction to Digital Preservation

Made available (free) online by the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL): A series of three webinars led by Jody DeRidder (Head of Digital Services, University of Alabama Libraries) for people looking to preserve digital content for their organization. Content is derived from the Library of Congress’s Digital Preservation Outreach & Education (DPOE) program. This […]

British Library Welcomes Public Consultation on Non-Print Legal Deposit

From the BL: The British Library welcomes the publication of the DCMS [Dept. of Culture, Media, and Sport] consultation, “Consultation on the Draft Legal Deposit Libraries (non-print works) Regulations 2013” and the commitment to deliver regulations for non-print legal deposit. Since the introduction of the 2003 Legal Deposit Libraries Act, the Legal Deposit Libraries have […]

Full Text: A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation

Title A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation (2010) K. Skinner and M. Schultz, Editors Source Educopia Institute Authored by members of the MetaArchive Cooperative, A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation is the first of a series of volumes describing successful collaborative strategies and articulating specific new models that may help cultural memory organizations work together […]

Digital Archiving Documents and Web Sites at the Stanford University Libraries

From the The Stanford Daily: In the face of challenges posed by an increase in social media, archivists at the Stanford University Libraries have adapted new technologies to digitally archive a traditionally community-driven database of Stanford documents. Library Archivist Daniel Hartwig said that documents have been traditionally collected from Stanford staff or alumni who feel […]

Digital Preservation: "Today’s Digital Documents are Tomorrow’s Dinosaurs"

From a Washington Times Op/Ed by Rob Hummel and Jimmy Kemp: Digital preservation for the federal government is a monumental task. One of the challenges facing federal workers is that long before the complete set of records is digitized, those workers will be required to start making copies of the records they just created, a […]

Announcing the bwFLA-Project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access)

From the Open Planets Foundation: The bwFLA project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access) is a two-year state sponsored project with the goal of defining and providing a practical implementation of archival workflows for the rendering of digital objects (i.e. easily accessed by users) in its original environment (i.e. application). [Clip] To maintain the accessibility […]

A Literature Review: What Exactly Should We Preserve? How Scholars Address This Question and Where is the Gap

New online via arXiv. Title: A Literature Review: What Exactly Should We Preserve? How Scholars Address This Question and Where is the Gap by Jyue Tyan Low This review addresses the question of what exactly should we preserve, and how the digital preservation community and scholars address this question. The paper first introduces the much-abused-term […]

eBook Preservation: Cambridge University Press to Preserve Cambridge Books Online with Portico

From a Portico Announcement: Cambridge University Press will preserve its Cambridge Books Online content with Portico. Through this agreement, Cambridge extends its relationship with Portico, which began in 2006 with the publisher’s commitment to deposit its entire list of e-journals in the Portico archive. “As more users turn to online access for books, a digital […]

Digital Preservation: "Emulation: A Useful Solution For Long-Term Access"

From the National Library of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek): In 2009, the European project KEEP started (Keeping Emulation Environments Portable). KEEP is doing research and development into technical and legal possibilities and challenges to give long-term access to digital information using emulation. Within this project and beyond, the National Library of the Netherlands has invested […]

Infrastructure for Digital Preservation (Alliance for Permanent Access Conf. Highlights)

Many thanks to Martha Anderson from the NDIIPP for putting this collection of tweets and links together. Very useful! The Alliance for Permanent Access Conference took place last week in London.