January 22, 2022

Primary Document: Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Writes to GPO in Support of October ARL Letter

Full Text of Letter From Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) to GPO (2 Pages; PDF) From the Letter: As noted in the ARL statement, there is no doubt that the scholars and other public users increasingly prefer digital delivery of information—a fact borne out by the emphasis GPO itself now gives to digital delivery of […]

Academic Libraries: Six CIC Libraries To Begin Pilot Program with Corsotial Borrowing Software Relais D2D

From CIC [Committee on Institutional Cooperation] News: Six CIC libraries have agreed to proceed with a pilot of Relais D2D, a next-generation software platform for consortial borrowing. The University of Chicago; University of Iowa; University of Michigan; Michigan State University; Northwestern University; and Pennsylvania State University will implement Relais D2D over the summer with the […]