February 24, 2021

Access to Information: Carnegie Mellon Performs First Large-Scale Analysis of "Soft" Censorship of Social Media in China

From the CMU News Release: Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science analyzed millions of Chinese microblogs, or “weibos,” to uncover a set of politically sensitive terms that draw the attention of Chinese censors. Individual messages containing the terms were often deleted at rates that could vary based on current events or geography. […]

Google and Facebook Comply with Indian Court Orders

UPDATE: Google and Facebook Comply with Indian Court Orders (via OpenNet Initiative) From the The Wall St. Journal (via Google News): A person familiar with the matter said Google removed content from its search service, YouTube video site and Blogger after receiving an order to do so from Judge Mukesh Kumar of a New Delhi district […]

Article: "Seattle Libraries: No Sleeping or Eating Allowed, But Porn-Watching OK"

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer The Seattle Public Library has a long list of rules on things you can’t do in the library, to ensure the “comfort and safety” of staff and patrons. You can’t eat, sleep, look like you’re sleeping, be barefoot, be too stinky, talk too loudly, have a ringing cell phone, or make […]

UPDATE: SOPA Markup Postponed

From The Hill: The House Judiciary Committee has canceled its scheduled Wednesday morning markup of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). A Judiciary aide said that because the House will not be in session Wednesday, the committee will take up the measure when Congress returns. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said the House […]

Stop Online Piracy Act Vote Delayed

UPDATE (5:20 PM): House Judiciary Member Darrell Issa Tweets SOPA Markup Will Continue Next Wednesday (December 21, 2011) at 9 a.m. Hat Tip: @Xpectro From Wired: The House Judiciary Committee considering whether to send the Stop Online Piracy Act to the House floor abruptly adjourned Friday with no new vote date set —a surprise given […]

New York Times: India Asks Google, Facebook to Screen User Content

From an India Ink Blog Post: The Indian government has asked Internet companies and social media sites like Facebook to prescreen user content from India and to remove disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory content before it goes online, three executives in the information technology industry say. Top officials from the Indian units of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo […]

The First Banned Books Video Calendar is Now Online

From the IFLA Web Site: The Entresse Library in Espoo, Finland and FAIFE (IFLA Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression) have together created the world’s first Banned Books video calendar. The project has garnered international attention and is considered pioneering in many ways. “Last year, Entresse created a Finnish video […]

London, Ontario: Library walks tightrope as info provider vs. censor

An editorial from the London Free Press. From that Editorial: And so, for London Public Library, the balancing act continues. Caught between pressure from city hall to keep porn off library computers and its own mandate to provide unfettered access to information, the library walks a fine line. The library board this week opted to […]

New Zealand: Banned Book Seized From Wellington Shop

From Stuff.co.nz An “indecent” book banned in 1971 has been seized from a Wellington bookstore by government officials. Bloody Mama by Robert Thom has been listed for sale on Book Haven’s website for $8.50 since February, store owner Don Hollander said. “It got seized today. A very nice chap from the DIA [Department of Internal […]

Idaho: Libraries to Adjust to New Internet Filtering Law

From the AP (via the Idaho State Journal): Although the new law is a scaled-back version of the original proposal — which would have required libraries to filter Internet access for everyone — it’s still a concern to some library officials. Currently, every library in Idaho handles the issue its own way, with some choosing […]