January 23, 2022

Coming Soon: "Online Catalogue Underway of 29,000 of Petrie's Archaeological Finds in Egypt"

From Aham Online (via Twitter): When British Egyptologist Flinders Petrie came to Egypt in 1883 he explored several archaeological sites and revealed some of the country’s ancient history. According to Egyptian law at the time, archaeological dig sponsors had full rights to half of finds, while Egypt retained the other half. Half a century after […]

The British Museum is the First UK Arts Organisation to Publish its Collection Semantically

From ArtDaily.com: The British Museum has released “a Semantic Web version of the database complementing the Collection Online search facility. The Museum is the first UK arts organisation to instigate a Semantic Web version of its collection data. The new service brings the British Museum into the ‘linked data’ world and will allow software developers […]