May 26, 2022

LA Times Op-Ed by Pamela Samuelson: “A Universal Digital Library is Within Reach”

Pamela Samuelson is a professor at the Berkeley Law School & the UC Berkeley School of Information. Samuelson is also the director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology. From the LA Times Op-Ed: Ideally, a digital library would provide access not only to books free from copyright constraints (those published before 1923), but […]

PowerPoint Presentations from Last Week’s Orphan Works and Mass Digitization Symposium Now Available

The symposium took place in Berkeley, CA and was sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Law and Technology (BCLT) Links to PPT slides for many presenters are now available and have been added to the agenda. Links to three white papers that were released by BCLT prior to the event are linked here. Speakers […]