April 14, 2018

U-M's Paul Courant on AG Lawsuit: "We Have Not Changed Our Plans or Activities in Any Way"

From the University of Michigan Record (a Publication from the Office of the Vice President of Communications): The U-M Library continues to operate its nascent Orphan Works Project “because we remain as certain as ever that our proposed uses of orphan works are lawful and important to the future of scholarship and the libraries that […]

New by Dan Cohen: "The Fight Over the Future of Digital Books"

“The Fight Over the Future of Digital Books” is a new article on the The Atlantic web site, by Dan Cohen, winner of the 2011 Kilgour Award from OCLC and director of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University (the people who bring us Zotero and many other cool […]

College Press: "Libraries Rethink Digitization Effort After Authors Sue"

From the Cornell Daily Sun: “It is not true that the University of Michigan has terminated the orphan work project. We have delayed making orphan works available as we revise our process in light of what we have learned in the past several weeks — which is that the process had made too many mistakes,” […]

Judge Chin Will Not Hear Authors Guild v. HathiTrust Case, "Not Related" to Google Book Settlement

@BlankTextField and @grimmelm point out that the Authors Guild v. HathiTrust (AGvHT) docket shows that last Friday Judge Denny Chin said that the orphan works case is NOT related to the Google Books Settlement case. The AGvHT case has been assigned to Judge Harold Baer. You can view the complete AGvHT docket here (with linked documents). […]

From the Authors Guild Blog: University of Michigan Suspends HathiTrust Orphan Works Project…Promises a Reboot"

From the Authors Guild Blog: Michigan pledged to re-examine its procedures and create a “more robust, transparent, and fully documented process” and continue the project:  “we remain as certain as ever that our proposed uses of orphan works are lawful and important to the future of scholarship and the libraries that support it.” In the […]

HathiTrust Suspends Orphan Works Project

From Publisher’s Weekly by Andrew Albanese: Following the filing of a lawsuit over its scanning and orphan works initiative, HathiTrust this morning said it would suspend indefinitely its plan to release a set of 140 orphan works until its processes for determining copyright status are improved. The move comes after Authors Guild members this week […]

Paul Courant, U. of Michigan University Librarian & HathiTrust Comment on Orphan Works Lawsuit

1. Statement from Paul Courant, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries “As a research university, we are a community of authors, and we have deep respect for copyright law and for the rights and interests of authors. Our digitization efforts simply reflect the library’s continuing legacy of prudence in curating the world’s scholarly and cultural […]

"HathiTrust Single-Handedly Sinks Orphan Works Reform" by James Grimmelmann

From The Laboratorium Blog: In a series of blog posts yesterday whose tone can only be described as “gleeful,” the Authors Guild has been showing that specific books aren’t orphans. So far, they’ve found copyright owners or literary agents for J.R. Salamanca’s The Lost Country, Albert Bandura’s Adolescent Aggression, and James Gould Cozzens’s Confusion. They […]

Library Copyright Alliance Comments on Authors Guild/HathiTrust Lawsuit

Here’s the Full Text: We are deeply disappointed by the Authors Guild’s decision to file a lawsuit, Authors Guild, Inc. et al. v. HathiTrust et al., against HathiTrust and its research library partners. The case has no merit, and completely disregards the rights of libraries and their users under the law, especially fair use. The […]

From the Authors Guild Blog: "Found One! We Re-Unite an Author With an 'Orphaned Work'"

From the Authors Guild Blog: About two minutes of googling turned up a professor emeritus of one of the HathiTrust “orphan works” candidates.  He lives in suburban Maryland.  His second book sold a reported one million copies, and he’s listed in IMDb (two of his books were turned into movies: one starred Elvis Presley, the […]