October 20, 2021

Association of American Publishers Reports Sales Were “Slow” During First Quarter of 2015″

From the Association of American Publishers: Publishers’ book sales for the first quarter of the year (Jan – March 2015) were down 6.6% for the year to date at $2.22 billion compared to $2.38 billion for the first quarter in 2014. Bright spots within the quarter were found in Trade — specifically Adult Books — […]

Highlights: "New Publishing Industry Survey Details Strong Three-Year Growth in Net Revenue, Units"

UPDATE: Additional Highlights From the Report: Publishing Categories Highlights Publishing Formats Highlights Distribution Channels Highlights How BookStats was Built BookStats and Publishing Industry Glossary From a BookStats News Release/Highlights: BookStats, the deepest, most comprehensive statistical survey ever conducted of the modern U.S. publishing industry – capturing its size, scope, revenue and rapid strategic expansion across […]