January 21, 2022

Debuts Friday: Digitization: "Ann Arbor Library Set to Publish 'Old News'"

From the Ann Arbor Chronicle: On Friday, the public will get online access to 18,000 articles, 3,000 photos, and an index with over 160,000 names – the initial phase of a massive digitization of The Ann Arbor News archives being undertaken by the library.[Clip] Andrew MacLaren – one of the librarians who’s been working on […]

"Ann Arbor Library Acquires Lending, Sharing and Copying Rights to Creative Commons Music Catalog"

From a Boing Boing Post by Cory Doctorow: The Ann Arbor, MI library has bought a bulk license to the Magnatune catalog of Creative Commons licensed music; the license fee of $10,000/year goes to Magnatune and the musicians, and gives the library’s patrons the right to listen, download and copy the music. Libraries are one […]