January 22, 2022

Report From Germany: “A Smooth Transition From Subscriptions to APCs”

From OpenAccess2020.de: The strategic goal of the National Contact Point Open Access OA2020-DE is to create requirements for the large-scale open access transformation in accordance with the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany. This also includes analysing existing transformation approaches and formulating changes or adjustments that make sense from our perspective. This is also the […]

A New Research Brief: “Equality Across 1,300 Popular Films: Examining Gender and Race/Ethnicity of Leads/Co Leads From 2007 to 2019”

Below, find a link to a new research brief from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative/USC. From the Brief: The goal of this research brief was to examine gender and race/ethnicity of leads/co leads in popular motion pictures. Our analysis involved the 1,300 top movies, focusing on the highest earning 100 films from 2007 through 2019.2 Every […]