November 19, 2019

New Report: Spoken Word Audio Share in the U.S. Up 20% Since 2014; Audiobook Listening Hits All-Time High

From Edison Research and National Public Radio: The share of time spent listening to spoken word audio has increased 20% since 2014, while time spent with music across the same period decreased 5%. This shift is led by a dramatic increase in spoken word audio consumption on mobile devices across age groups, and increases in […]

Not Real News: A Look at What Didn’t Happen This Week (Weekly Fact Check from the Associated Press)

From the AP: A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue stories and visuals of the week. None of these is legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked them out.  Direct to Full Text Article See Also: Previous “Not Real News” Roundups November 8, 2019 […]

Cultural Heritage: “Enrich Europeana: Launching the Renewed Transcribathon Platform”

From Europeana Pro: is an online tool specially designed to enrich content from Europeana Collections, as part of the Enrich Europeana project. It allows people to transcribe and annotate cultural heritage material from Europeana Collections and national aggregator portals. Annotations made to content through this portal (also known as semantic enrichments) will be added to […]

Digital Privacy: Survey From Pew Research Finds Americans are “Concerned, Confused and Feeling Lack of Control Over Their Personal Information”

From Pew Research: A majority of Americans believe their online and offline activities are being tracked and monitored by companies and the government with some regularity. It is such a common condition of modern life that roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults say they do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having data […]

New Data: Web-Based “First Look” Report on Recent Trend Results in Adult Literacy in the United States

From the National Center For Education Statistics : Between 2012/14 and 2017, the average scores for U.S. adults with less than a high school education increased in literacy, while, for adults with a high school education, they decreased in both literacy and numeracy. The National Center for Education Statistics released a new web-based first look […]

Report: “Google Almost Made 100,000 Chest X-Rays Public — Until It Realized Personal Data Could Be Exposed”

From The Washington Post: Two days before Google was set to publicly post more than 100,000 images of human chest X-rays, the tech giant got a call from the National Institutes of Health, which had provided the images: Some of them still contained details that could be used to identify the patients, a potential privacy […]

Report: “Supporting the Changing Practices of Teaching in Business at Queens College, City University of New York”

The following article was recently posted in the City University of New York (CUNY) Academic Works repository. Title Supporting the Changing Practices of Teaching in Business at Queens College, City University of New York Authors James Tasato Mellone Queens College Edward F. Wall III Queens College Qiong Xu Queens College Source City University of New […]

Legislation Introduced to Prevent Data Mining of Personal Health Data Stored on Wearable Devices

From Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA): U.S. Senators Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) and Jacky Rosen (D-NV) today introduced legislation to prevent data mining of Americans’ personal health data stored on wearable personal devices, such as smartwatches. The bill comes amid renewed concerns of Google’s plans to buy Fitbit in light of recent reports that Google has partnered with […]

C-SPAN Provides Near Real-Time Keyword Searchable Video of Today’s U.S. House Impeachment Hearing with Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

C-SPAN and the C-SPAN Video Library are providing near real-time searchable video (using text transcripts generated from the closed-captioning) of today’s U.S. House Impeachment Hearing with former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. When the hearing concludes the searchable video will continue to be accessible via the C-SPAN Video Library (free to access and use) […]

A Recording of ALA’s “Preparing Your Library for the 2020 Census” Webinar is Now Available

The webinar recording embedded below (via the ACRL YouTube channel) below was recorded on Thursday, November 14, 2019. Speakers/Presenters Emily Almond, Georgia Public Library Service Deborah Barnett, Toledo Lucas County Public Library Larra Clark, Public Library Association/Public Policy and Advocacy Wendy Cornelisen, Georgia Public Library Service Cathy Hartz, U.S. Census Bureau Rhonda Sewell, Toledo Lucas […]