Belonging is one of our core values. We aspire for everyone who works at and with our organization to feel valued and included. This commitment extends to the creators of the journal articles, books, research reports, and other works that we preserve and make accessible through JSTOR.

We would like to offer support to those authors who decide to change their name—for any reason. We know that many of our publishing partners share our commitment to belonging and inclusion, but that name change policies vary. Some publishers have had inclusive name change policies in place for some time, while others have recently updated their policies.

Our approach will be to add the author’s current/correct name to the metadata for the work (appearing as a separate name in addition to the former name) so the work will be recognized and discoverable on JSTOR and in outside search services under both the current/correct and former name. The benefit of including both names is that the work remains discoverable whether a user has an older or current citation or is searching under any author’s former name.

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