Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, have launched ‘The ComProp Navigator‘, a new online resource guide which aims to help civil society groups better understand and respond to the problem of disinformation.

Developed by the OII’s Project on Computational Propaganda, led by Professor Philip Howard, the ComProp Navigator directs users to a range of online resources including bite-size guides, in-depth analyses, practical guides, fact-checking sites, helplines, online courses, and others. The launch of the site follows a series of civil society workshops held over the last two years with practitioners and journalists about navigating the disinformation landscape.

The online curation tool recommends resources to help identify or manage:

  • The mechanics, elements and scope of disinformation
  • Strategies for dealing with disinformation
  • Avoiding amplification of junk news, maintaining public trust
  • Cybersecurity for civil society
  • Online harassment and doxxing risks

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