January 27, 2022

Reference: A Roundup of New Research and Data-Rich Reports Available on the Open Web

In the News


How Taxes and Transfers Affect the Work Incentives of People With Low and Moderate Income (via CBO)


February 2017 Global “State of the Climate” Report (via NOAA)

Student Loans

New Data: More Than 1.1 Million Federal Student Loan Defaults in 2016 (via Consumer Fed. of America)

Health Care

Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate: “American Health Care Act”
72 pages; PDF.


2017 Report on Euality Between Women and Men in the EU (via European Commission)
68 pages; PDF.


Brexit: A Reading List of Post-EU Referendum Publications by Parliament and the Devolved Assemblies (via UK House of Commons Library)
16 pages; PDF.  Links to all documents listed.
See Also: Brexit resources from European Parliament Research Service (EPRS).

Computer Security

FY 2016 Federal Information Security Modernization Act Annual Report to Congress (via OMB/Exec. Office of the President)
121 pages; PDF ||| Intro Blog Post

Research and Development (U.S.)

National Patterns of R&D Resources: 2014–15 Data Update (via National Science Foundation)



FAO Food Price Index

The Future Of Food and Agriculture: Trends and Challenges (via FAO)

Regional Overview of Food Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa (via FAO)


Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2016
12 pages; PDF.


Australia Country Analysis Brief (via Energy Info Agency, US)


TRACE Global Enforcement Report 2016
24 pages; PDF.


How Do United States Consumer Expenditures Compare with the United Kingdom and Japan (via BLS)


From East To West: 140 Years of Interprovincial Migration (Statistics Canada)


Monthly Weather Summary – February 2017 (via World Meteorological Organization)


CrisisWatch (via Intl. Crisis Group)
Trends (Feb. 2017) and Outlook (March 2017)

Criminal Justice

Adult Correctional Statistics in Canada, 2015/2016Youth Correctional Statistics in Canada, 2015/2016(via Statistics Canada)


February 2017 Global Catastrophe Recap (via AON Benfield)
12 pages; PDF.

January 2017 Global Catastrophe Recap (via AON Benfield)
0 pages; PDF.

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Annual Report 2016
32 pages; PDF. 


Gender Imbalances in the Teaching Profession (via OECD)
4 pages; PDF.


The Cost of a Polluted Environment: 1.7 Million Child Deaths a Year, Says WHO

2016 Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report (via AON)

Interactive Data Tool and Report: “State of Global Air 2017″

European Union

 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)

How Much Do Europeans Exercise? (via Eurostat)?

Denmark and Luxembourg: Highest Share of R&D Workers (via Eurostat)

6.5 Million Employed in Culture (via Eurostat)

What Languages are Studied the Most in the EU? (via Eurostat)


Human Rights

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2016 (“Human Rights Report”) (via U.S. Dept. of State)
41st annual report. Homepage, report builder, links to country reports.

Humanitarian Affairs

Hitting Rock Bottom – How 2016 Became the Worst Year for Syria’s Children (via UNICEF)
Link to report (12 pages; PDF) and other materials. 

UN Aid Chief Urges Global Action as Starvation, Famine Loom For 20 Million Across Four Countries (via Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UN)


Economic Survey of India  (via OECD)
Overview, Charts, Read Full Text Online.


Fifth Iran Nuclear Deal Report (via IAEA)
6 pages; PDF.

Analysis of the IAEA’s Fifth Iran Nuclear Deal Report (via Institute for Science and International Security)


Beyond the Article: Frontiers of Editorial and Commercial Innovation (via Reuters Institute for Journalism, Oxford)
34 pages; PDF.

When Reporters Get Hands-On With Robo-Writing: Professionals Consider Automated Journalism’s Capabilities and Consequences
Journal Article, Preprint


NATO Encyclopedia
737 pages; PDF.

Narcotics Control

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (via U.S. Dept. of State)
March 2017
Part 1 ||| Part 2


An Overview of Internet Governance and Infrastructure in the Philippines (via Cyber Stewards Network/Citizen Lab/University of Toronto)
40 pages; PDF. 


New Data: UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees): Mid-Year Trends 2016 Report

What the Numbers Say About Refugees (via Nature)
Includes infographic.


Global Powers of Retailing 2017 (via Deloitte)
“250 Largest Global Retailers”
48 pages; PDF. ||| Infographics and Part Reports

Science and Technology

OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators Updated


International Comparisons of Corporate Income Tax Rates (via Congressional Budget Office)
45 pages; PDF.


Threats of Violent Islamist and Far-Right Extremism: What Does the Research Say? (via START)

War by Suicide: A Statistical Analysis of the Islamic State’s Martyrdom Industry (via International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague (ICCT) 
34 pages; PDF. 

What Measures Is The EU Taking To Combat Terrorism? (via EPRS)


The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control (via WHO)

Women/International Women’s Day 2017

Women Around the World: International Women’s Day 2017″ (Statistics and Data Roundup)
20 pages; PDF via UK House of Commons Library.

Women in Changing World Of Work: Facts You Should Know (via UN Women)

Women in Parliament: 2016 Year in Review (Global Coverage via International Parliamentary Union)
12 pages; PDF.

Released Today: Towards a Better Future For Women and Work: Voices of Women and Men (via International Labour Org, and Gallup)
220 pages; PDF. ||| Summary of Key Findings

Chart: In These Countries, Internet Use is Higher Among Women than Men (via World Bank)

Chart: The age of marriage & legal gender differences – 3 charts for International Women’s Day (via World Bank)

Gender Data Portal/Database (via World Bank)

Asia: Smart Strategies for Getting More Women into the Workforce (via ADB)

Canada: Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report (Statistics Canada)

EU: Fast Facts About Women in the EU (via EPRS)
1 page; PDF.

EU: Assessing Progress Towards Gender Equality (via EPRS)
2 pages; PDF.

EU: Women in EU Parliaments (via EPRS)

US: Roundup: Fast Facts About Women in the United States (via US Census)

US: Women in Congress: Historical Overview, Tables, and Discussion (via EveryCRSReport.com)
Congressional Research Service report. R43244.

US: Women in Congress (via Office of Historian, U.S. House of Representatives)

US: Women in the Workplace, Multiple Reports (via BLS; US)



Air Travel

2016 Flight Cancellation, Mishandled Baggage, and Bumping Rates are Lowest in Decades (via FAA)
See Also: Air Travel Consumer Report, February 2017 (via FAA) 


U.S. Helicopter Accidents Decrease (via FAA)


FDIC-Insured Institutions Earn $43.7 Billion in Fourth Quarter 2016, Community Bank Net Income Rises to $5.3 Billion (via FDIC)
Multiple reports.


2015 Annual Retail Trade Survey (via U.S. Census)
Includes data files.


Annual Value of Construction Put in Place in the United States (via U.S. Census)
6 pages; PDF.


Supervisory Highlights Consumer Reporting Special Edition (Consumer Reporting; via CFPB)
23 pages; PDF.

Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2016 (Annual Summary of Consumer Complaints; via FTC)
104 pages; PDF.

Prices of Consumer Goods as a Percentage of Average Hourly Earnings, Annual Averages, 1997–2016 (via BLS)
Chart and data table.


Full Text of Complaint Filed by US DOJ in Yahoo Hacking Case (via US Dept. of Justice)

FY 2016 DOD Vendors with Awards of $25,000.00 and Over (via US. Dept. of Defense)
257 pages; PDF.


Summary of the Reengagement of Detainees Formerly Held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (via DNI)


2016 Natural Hazard Risk Summary & Analysis (via CoreLogic)


The 2017 Budget and Economic Outlook 
Presentation by Keith Hall, Director, Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
22 pages; PDF.

February 2017 Budget Review (via CBO)
4 pages; PDF. 

January 2017 Trade Gap is $48.5 Billion (via BEA)
54 pages; PDF.


America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century (viaAmerican Academy of Arts and Sciences)


Coal 2015 (via EIA’s State Energy Data System)

Oil Price Dynamics Report (via Fed. Reserve of New York)
3 pages; PDF. 


Enrollment and Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2015; and Financial Statistics and Academic Libraries, Fiscal Year 2015: First Look (Provisional Data) (via NCES)
26 pages; PDF.

Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts: School Year 2013–14 (Fiscal Year 2014) (via NCES)
61 pages; PDF.


State Progress in Record Reporting for Firearm-Related Background Checks: Fugitives from Justice (via BJS)
13 pages; PDF.

2016 North American Freight Numbers (via BTS)
Direct to Dataset (.xls)


Emergency Department Visits for Injury and Illness Among Adults Aged 65 and Over: United States, 2012–2013 (via CDC)

Drug Overdose Deaths in the United States, 1999–2015 (via CDC)

National Health Interview Survey: Early Release of Selected Estimates Based on Data From the January–September 2016 (via CDC)
122 pages; PDF.

Prevalence of Low High-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Among Adults, by Physical Activity: United States, 2011–2014 (via CDC)

National Clinic Violence Survey (via Feminist Majority Foundation
9 pages; PDF.

Homeland Security

Privacy Impact Statement: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Situation Room (via OIG, Dept. of Homeland Security)
24 pages; PDF.


DHS’ Pilots for Social Media Screening Need Increased Rigor to Ensure Scalability and Long-term Success (via Office of Inspector General/DHS)
16 pages; PDF. REDACTED Version

New: Southwest Border Migration/Illegal Border Crossing Data (October 2017-February 2017) (via U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division Annual Report 2016


Occupational Choices of the Elderly (via BLS)

Union Membership Rates by State in 2016 (via BLS)

Women in Architecture and Engineering Occupations in 2016 (via BLS)
Chart and data table. 

Work Stoppages Summary 2016 (via BLS)


Mineral Commodity Summaries 2017 (via USGS)
06 pages; PDF. ||| Dataset (.xls) ||| Individual Data Sheets


2016 Preliminary End-of-Year Law Enforcement Officer Fatalities Report (via National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund)

Real Estate

2016 Year-End US Home Flipping Report (via RealtyTrac)

Room for Rent: Exploring Rental Vacancy Rates in Urban, Suburban and Rural America (via Zillow)


Comparing Homicides Committed by Islamist and Far-Right Extremists (via START)
Infographic; PDF

Majority of Jihadist Plots in the United States Have Been Foiled (via START)
Infographic; PDF


2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index (AAA Foundation)
50 pages; PDF.

Travel Ban (March 6, 2017)

Travel Ban

  • via White House
  • via Dept. of Homeland Security
  • via Dept. of Justice


Child Welfare Financing SFY 2014: A Survey of Federal, State, and Local Expenditures (via Annie Casey Foundation)
34 pages; PDF.

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