March 23, 2018

Reference: New Report/Data: World Economic Forum Releases “Global Gender Gap Report 2016″


From the World Economic Forum: The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016 finds economic parity between the sexes could take 170 years after a dramatic slowdown in progress Slowdown partly down to chronic imbalances in salaries and labour force participation, despite the fact that, in 95 countries, women attend university in equal or […]

PBS NewsHour Video: “Cracking The Stealth Political Influence Of Bots

From PBS NewsHour (via YouTube): Among the millions of real people tweeting about the presidential race, there are also a lot accounts operated by fake people, or “bots.” Politicians and regular users alike use these accounts to increase their follower bases and push messages. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how computer scientists can analyze […]

U. of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Network Reports Student Savings of $1.5 Million From Open Textbooks

From the University of Minnesota: Faculty from nine colleges and universities across the United States have saved their students an estimated $1.5 million in textbook costs to date by adopting open textbooks, the University of Minnesota’s Open Textbook Network (OTN) reported this week. The OTN, created and run by leaders at the U of M’s […]

Article: “Open Pathways to Student Success: Academic Library Partnerships for Open Educational Resource and Affordable Course Content Creation and Adoption”

The following full text open access article (corrected proof) was recently made available online. Title Open Pathways to Student Success: Academic Library Partnerships for Open Educational Resource and Affordable Course Content Creation and Adoption Author Joseph A. Salem Jr Pennsylvania State University Source The Journal of Academic Librarianship Available Online: October 20, 2016 Abstract This […]

Happy Birthday! Internet Archive, Repository Of Modern Culture, Turns 20

From The San Francisco Chronicle: It’s more than an archive of Internet sites. The organization, founded by computer scientist and entrepreneur Brewster Kahle, now has a virtual storehouse ranging from digitally converted books and historic film to funny memes and audio recordings of Grateful Dead concerts. [Clip] The Internet Archive has survived through community donations […]

New White Paper/Survey Findings From ProQuest: “Evolving Spaces for Evolving User Needs in Academic Libraries”

From ProQuest: A newly released ProQuest survey of more than 600 libraries found that 82 percent of academic libraries consider space reclamation a priority or believe it will be in the near future. More than a third have prioritized repurposing space for more than five years. The survey revealed the innovative ways libraries are using […]

Reference: Glossaries of Key Election Terminology

From the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The glossaries contain 1,843 terms and phrases used in the administration of elections in the United States. To ensure the translations were culturally and linguistically appropriate, terms were translated and reviewed by a multi-dialect team of translators representing the main regions of each language. For example, the Spanish […]

Research Article: “Digital Humanities: What Can Libraries Offer?”

The following full text article was published in portal: Libraries and the Academy (16.4). An accepted for publication version (open access) of the article is available from Johns Hopkins University Press. Title Digital Humanities: What Can Libraries Offer? Authors Shun Han Rebekah Wong Hong Kong Baptist University Source portal: Libraries and the Academy (16.4)/JHU Press Web Site Abstract The […]

Michigan Publishing Announces Beta Launch of New Publishing Platform, Fulcrum


From Michigan Publishing (U. of Michigan): The University of Michigan Press/Michigan Publishing, in collaboration with University of Michigan Library IT, is proud to announce the initial beta launch of its Fulcrum publishing platform. In its beta phase, Fulcrum is focused on the presentation of digital source and supplemental materials that cannot be represented adequately in print […]

News Roundup

1.  Frequently Asked Questions: Next Steps for WorldCat Discovery and FirstSearch (via OCLC) 8 pages; PDF.  October 21, 2016.  2. Vanderbilt Television News Archive Launches New Website 3.  “Mr. Magazine’s” 30 Hottest Launches of 2016 Mr. Magazine is Samir Husni, University of Mississippi, School of Journalism