March 21, 2018

NISO Releases Draft of Recommended Practice on Altmetrics Data Quality

From the National Information Standards Organization: The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) seeks comments on the draft Altmetrics Data Quality Code of Conduct, NISO RP-25-201X-3, one output of a multi-pronged, multi-phase project that aims to build trust in and adoption of new methods of assessing impact. Further draft outputs from two other working groups, addressing […]

New Census Data: In 2014 There Were an Estimated 114,109 Full-Time Librarians in the U.S.

Librarian data and data for many other occupations is available in a new data table (.xlsx) released today by the U.S. Census. Here’s more from line 158 of the “Full-Time, Year-Round Workers and Median Earnings in the Past 12 Months by Sex and Detailed Occupation: 2014″ data table Librarians: Totals (Full-Time, Year Round, Estimates) 114,109 […]

Lila Tretikov Has Resigned Her Position as Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation

Lila Tretikov has resigned her position as executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation. She has served as exec. director since June 1, 2014. Here’s the full text of her announcement to the Wikimedia community. It’s also posted below. It is with great respect that I have tendered, and the board has accepted, my resignation as […]

New Video From Center For Research Libraries (CRL): Pursuing the “Long Tail” of Elusive Publishers

A video recording of yesterday’s (February 24, 2016) Center For Research Libraries (CRL) webinar, Pursuing the Long Tail of Elusive Publishers, is now available online and embedded below. From CRL’s Description of the Webinar In the last ten years the persistence of digital resources has become an urgent concern of research libraries. As a result […]

Africa: Kenya Public Libraries To Host 46 New E-Resource Centres


News from EIFL: EIFL is delighted to announce that Kenya National Library Service (knls) has received support from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) to establish 46 new e-resource centres in public libraries that serve rural and peri-urban communities across the country. The e-Resources Centres Project will provide communities living in under-resourced rural areas and […]

New Research Briefing on “Public Libraries in England” Published by House of Commons Library


The following research briefing was published earlier today by the UK House of Commons Library. Summary This Commons Briefing Paper on public libraries summarises the statutory duties of library authorities, the role of the Secretary of State, and concerns about service provision and closures. The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 requires local authorities in […]

“Parsons-Designed Book Carts: A Mobile Library for Incarcerated Individuals”

From The New School For Social Research News: For incarcerated individuals, there are few windows to the outside world. However, there is one way to transcend, mentally and spiritually, the concrete walls in which they are housed: books. Books—from self-help, how-to, and body-building manuals to texts on history, sports, music, art, health, and religion—are a […]

Just Announced: The Rosa Parks Collection Digitized and Now Available Online


From the Library of Congress: The Rosa Parks Collection at the Library of Congress has been digitized and is now online. The collection, which contains approximately 7,500 manuscripts and 2,500 photographs, is on loan to the Library for 10 years from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. The Library received the materials in late 2014, formally […]

Europeana Aligns With International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF)

From Europeana: One of Europeana’s main goals is to make it easier for institutions and individuals in the digital heritage sector to share better quality digital content – you can learn more in our recently published Europeana Publishing Framework. The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) has huge potential to help us achieve this goal. If […]

Roundup: Free Access to Full Text Articles From Medical Publishers Re: Zika Virus

The Zika Virus Health Information Resources page from Specialized Information Services at the National Library of Medicine has added a section with direct links to articles and other materials about the Zika Virus from more than 10 medical publishers. Access to these materials is free. Direct to Collection See Also: Interactive Chart: Zika Cases Reported […]