February 22, 2018

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Publishes Final Report About 2010-12 Activities

The report from the U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University Library is titled, Final Report: To Collect and To Serve. You can access the full text (24 pages; PDF) here. From Introductory Remarks by Sarah Michalak, University Librarian and Associate Provost for University Libraries: Thanks to highly motivated staff members, UNC’s libraries in […]

Updated Group Note From W3C: “Publishing and Linking on the Web”

An interesting read and educational resource that includes this useful hyperlinked glossary. The document was updated yesterday and comes from the W3C Technical Architecture Group. From the Abstract: The Web borrows familiar concepts from physical media (e.g., the notion of a “page”) and overlays them on top of a networked infrastructure (the Internet) and digital […]

“Toronto Libraries Lend Fewer Books to Children and Teens Following Increase in Fines”

From The Star: Teens and children are borrowing fewer books and other materials from Toronto libraries, an alarming trend that started in 2012 and escalated in the first part of this year. Chief librarian Jane Pyper’s 2012 report to the library board says that, with figures adjusted to reflect last year’s 11-day strike, overall borrowing […]

U.S. Navy Publishes Solicitation For Non-Web-Based Ebook Lending Library

UPDATED: Amended RFP  If the U.S. Navy asking about a non-web-based ebook library sounds familiar, good memory. 11 months ago the they published a RFI (request for information) asking, “how an interested contractor could provide an all-inclusive, expandable, and non-web-based eBook lending library.” Yesterday, an RFP (request for proposals) from vendors to develop the service. […]

Video: Michigan Mom Files Complaint With School District Over Anne Frank Diary

Note: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl has been challenged/banned in the past. For example, in 2010 the book was challenged in Culpepper, VA schools due to sexual material and homosexual themes. Info via the ALA OIF ‘s “Books Challenged or Banned in 2010–2011″. From The Jewish Daily Forward: A mother in Northville, Michigan has filed a formal […]

Austrian National Library Releases 100,000 Full Text Books Online, Digitization by Google

The just released collection from the Austrian National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek) consists of 100,000 books that were digitized by Google. All books were published from the 16th Century through the second half of the 19th Century. These books are part of the Austrian Books Online project that plans to to digitize a total of 600,000 […]

Syracuse University Dean of Libraries/University Librarian Suzanne Thorin on Her Accomplishments and Plans for the Future

In February, Suzanne Thorin, dean of libraries and University Librarian at Syracuse U., announced her plans to retire at the end of June. Today, the Syracuse U. newspaper talks with Thorin about some of her accomplishments and her plans for the future. From The Daily Orange: Before she became the dean of libraries, Thorin said the library […]

Duke University Library to Get Documents on Hate Groups

From the AP: A Duke University library will get a collection of materials documenting extremist and hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The collection from the law center’s Intelligence Project is going to the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke. The collection includes nearly 90 boxes of periodicals, […]

New Survey Findings on How K-12 Students View Mobile Technology

From Today’s Announcement From Pearson: Nine in ten of today’s elementary, middle and high school students believe that mobile devices will change the way students learn in the future (92 percent) and make learning more fun (90 percent), according to a new study conducted by Harris Interactive and released today by Pearson. The majority (69 percent) […]

New Online Tool: Visualize Connecticut Public Library Statistics

Cool! Tom Newman on the Web Junction Connecticut Blog Writes: This resource (still in an experimental stage) takes advantage of Tableau Public, a free web-based tool, with Connecticut library statistics to allow the user to create their own charts and tables using the filter tools available. Data for Connecticut public libraries back to 1996 is […]