March 19, 2018

Social Networking: Facebook Closes In On 700 Million Users

Just Wow! From Business Insider: Facebook is just about to reach 700 million users, according to Socialbakers, a blog that tracks Facebook statistics. The countries that contributed most to the growth were emerging countries, especially Brazil, Indonesia and India. Brazil and India are interesting because they’re huge and have other social networks. If Facebook dominates […]

New: Elsevier Enriches Online Articles with Google Maps

From Elsevier: Elsevier announced today that Google Maps functionality is now available in its journals. This new feature enriches online articles on SciVerse ScienceDirect with interactive maps, adapting to the needs of various scientific disciplines to visualize and interact with the author’s geographic data. Elsevier is one of the first publishers to introduce Google Maps […]

"China to Promote Building of National Digital Library Network"

From Xinhua (State Run News Agency) China will launch a national project to promote the building of a digital library network in the next five years. The project aims to build a nationwide digital library network with the National Digital Library of China at the center, integrating local libraries, said a statement jointly issued by […]

Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources Primer

Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources Primer (PDF) This primer is 30 pages and a .pdf document (245KB) and freely available from the above URL. The primer gives an excellent overview of Cloud Computing along with a comprehensive listing of cloud, grid and distributed computing resources…” Source: Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.

EU — Commission sets out "blueprint" for Intellectual Property Rights to boost creativity and innovation

Commission sets out “blueprint” for Intellectual Property Rights to boost creativity and innovation Intellectual property rights (IPR), which comprise patents, trademarks, designs and geographical indications, as well as copyright (authors’ rights) and rights related to copyright (for performers, producers and broadcasters), have been around for centuries. Often, without our even realising, they affect our daily […]

Environment: New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources

Environment: New maps give Europeans close-up picture of air pollution from diffuse sources The Europe-wide register aims to help Europeans actively engage in decisions affecting the environment. New online maps published today by the European Commission and the European Environment Agency, in close cooperation with the Joint Research Centre, the Commission’s in-house science service, allow […]

"UCSB Digital Library Brings Holdings From Special Collections to the Web"

From the University of California Santa Barbara: “The library wanted to reveal its hidden collections and highlight its unique holdings,” explained Lisa Koch, metadata librarian at UCSB. “The Digital Library is a resource for people who want to explore the materials but can’t come to the building. Scholars and users can view items at home, […]

National Library and Archives of Egypt are Documenting Revolution

From Ahram Online (English):  “This should be the best documented pivotal event in the history of Egypt,” Khaled Fahmy explained as he went on to describe the ambitious project sponsored by the National Library and Archives of Egypt Organisation whose large number of volunteer experts have one aim: documenting Egypt’s January 25 Revolution. Fahmy, the […]

Audio: NPR: "Prison Library Offers A Place To Escape"

From the NPR Web Site: Some 1,700 residents of the Jessup Correctional Institution in Maryland make very good use of their library. Most inmates will never win early release, so the library becomes a place to improve reading skills, write a letter home, watch an instructional video on auto mechanics or just escape, mentally. Host […]

"Hacktivists Scorch PBS in Retaliation for WikiLeaks Documentary"

From Wired News: A hacker group unhappy with PBS Frontline’s hour-long documentary on WikiLeaks has hit back at the Public Broadcasting System by cracking its servers, posting thousands of stolen passwords, and adding a fake news story to a blog belonging to the august PBS Newshour. On Sunday night, visitors to the Newshour website read […]