May 25, 2022

Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by –The Public

Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by –The Public

Mr. Leighninger’s report begins to pull back the veil on how the various online engagement tactics and tools can be used, and when they work best.

His report describes common scenarios where public managers may find themselves needing, or using, public input. He describe a mix of ten different tactics managers may find useful for engaging the public online and highlights over 40 different technologies in use today to support those kinds of engagements.

This report is a bit of an experiment for us, as well. For the first time, we have created both a hard copy and an electronic interactive version. The hard copy version of this report (which you can order for free) can be a valuable reference for managers at all levels of government. We hope the online version of this report becomes a ready resource that both you and we will be adding to over time, based on evolving best practices.

+ Full Report (PDF)

Source: IBM Center for the Business of Government